Americans Mixing Vaccines For Better Protection Against The Delta Variant

The buzz going around today is, many Americans are mixing covid-19 vaccines for so called better protection against the Delta Variant. I’ve had both of mine, Pfizer already. The first made me sick the next day. I had a fever of 101 and my left hand went numb. After getting jabbed twice it is said since I had Covid-19 last November, my body has antibodies. So the vaccine was unnecessary.

covid-19 delta variant

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, several variants of the virus have emerged. But the one named Delta is quickly becoming the most troublesome. The highly contagious variant was first identified in India in December 2020. Within six months, it spread to 85 countries and is now the dominant strain of COVID-19. Originally known asB.1.617.2, the Delta variant is the most infectious version of the COVID-19 virus to date. It was first identified in India in December 2020, where it overwhelmed that country’s health care system. Is this all government controlled media hype?

Microbiologist Judy Mikovits had this to say on 07/24/21

Dr. Judy Mikovits from the Plandemic movie interview that was removed from social media last summer, and deleted by Google’s YouTube, and Vimeo among others. She souunds credible, watch both videos and draw your own conclusions.

Everything seems so utterly mixed up about the COVID-19 pandemic, that it comes as no surprise that many people are still confused, scared, and readily accept whatever remedy the smart-looking medical experts in white robes may offer. Now, some Americans who got Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose COVID-19 vaccine are seeking out booster shots of other vaccines to better protect themselves against what is believed to be a highly transmissible Delta variant.

The trend of mixing vaccines has originated in Europe and is more likely to be explained by supply shortages of COVID-19 vaccines and unforeseen side effects of their widely used AstraZeneca jab. Just like J&J, the AstraZeneca vaccine utilizes adenovirus material to produce an immune response and is shown to cause severe blood issues such as blood clotting or thrombocytopenia (low number of blood platelets) in some recipients. As a result, many European countries, such as  Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Bulgaria, have suspended its rollout. Moreover, some governments, including those in Great Britain and Germany, recommended their youth to abstain from the jab unless they are high-risk for COVID. Science magazine reports that the “mix-and-match” approach was born of necessity, but there are early studies that suggest it may be beneficial.

In my humble personal opinion, I believe a lot of the worrying is being caused by government-controlled media fear-mongering. I took my jabs because my doctor recommended it, and especially the Pfizer vaccine. I probably didn’t need to take my jab because I have antibodies from last winter’s covid-19 experience. It gave me serious diarrhea and a bad cough. I got over it on my own in about a week. My girlfriend who probably got it from me wasn’t as lucky. She spent a week in the ICU and nearly died. It took her about 3 months to get over it. And even now can’t taste several foods. So if you haven’t taken your jab yet, do it. Adults shouldn’t have complications, and could save your life!

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