President Joe Biden Insults Millions Of Unvaccinated Americans!

President Joe Biden on Tuesday insulted the intelligence of unvaccinated Americans for not getting COVID-19 shots, which he himself doubted on the record just months ago. Biden was speaking briefly to reporters at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, where he had met with members of the intelligence community, according to Politico. The president was asked about mandating the vaccine for all federal employees, something he said is under consideration.

Joe Biden Insults Unvaccinated Americans: “You’re Not Nearly As Smart As I Thought You Were

It’s worth noting that not so long ago, Biden himself had a case of vaccine hesitancy. When speaking remotely from his Delaware basement last September, he had a lot to say about coming COVID vaccines, and it was all bad. The way then-President Donald Trump talks about the vaccine is not particularly rational, Biden said. He’s talking about it being ready, he’s going to talk about moving it quicker than the scientists think it should be moved. People don’t believe that he’s telling the truth, therefore they’re not at all certain they’re going to take the vaccine.

And one more thing,” he said. If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that need to be and the trials that are needed to be done. What an Unpersonal Putz! 😆

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