I’ve Put Up With Facebook Political Bias Censorship For Far Too Long

Facebook Political Bias Censorship finally broke me in two. A few days ago I had listed a mobile home for sale in Marketplace. The ad had run for four days and received many views and questions. But yesterday I was alerted that my listing violated their Discrimination Policy. After reading the listing description carefully I saw nothing that discriminated against anyone. Maybe because the community it is in, is for seniors could be viewed as discrimination by liberal Facebook bots.

Facebook Marketplace discrimination censorship

Looking at the listing this morning I noticed the review wording I had filed yesterday was gone. The total views yesterday as of the discrimination violation was 2397 persons reached. The violation warning was gone from the page and It was visible to me. But looking at the stats, the views were the same as yesterday at 2397 views. This listing had generated a lot of inquiries, though 90% were tire kickers, as we say in the car business. I’m a retired auto dealer. It was painfully obvious that Facebook had removed the violation and shadowbanned the listing so nobody but me could see it.

I’m nearly 70 years old with very few Facebook friends, and really don’t need Facebook. Having lived on God’s good earth for nearly 7 decades, I can get along without Facebook harassment and political bias censorship, censoring what I share, and punishing me because I’m a Republican and Donald Trump Supporter. So for the time being I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. Being an exceptional webmaster, I’ve placed an .htaccess block on all “facebookexternalhits”‘ which is the referral tracking Facebook adds to all outbound links which tracks the end source and number of clicks and keywords that are scraped. Now this “403 Permission Denied” is served up! 😎

Example .htaccess bad bot blocking code snippet.

# Begin Bad Bot Blocking
BrowserMatchNoCase ahrefsbot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase archive.org_bot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase mj12bot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase seznambot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase baiduspider bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase linkdexbot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase r6_feedfetcher_ bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase dotbot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase semrushbot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase zoominfobot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase infotigerbot bad_bot
BrowserMatchNoCase facebookexternalhit bad_bot
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from env=bad_bot
# End Bad Bot Blocking

There are plenty of other Facebook alternative social media sites for Republicans, Conservatives, and Donald Trump supporters. Gab.com is my favorite social media website that does not censor its member’s opinions. Being an outcast of big tech who controls the app market, Gab does not have a mobile app. However, Andrew Torba Gab’s founder has a top-notch programming team that has built an excellent responsive website frontend, that works great on any mobile web browser. I use Apple’s Safari browser on gab that works excellent. It’s easy to create a browser shortcut that adds a direct link to your smartphone’s menu. Gab also has many groups of interest to Conservatives/Republicans and Trump Supporters. Two such groups are “We Love Trump ” with over 200k members. and “Joe Biden Is NOT My P resident” with 257k members. With many many others of just about any interest. automotive, pets, hobbies, you name it, it’s probably on Gab!

So I bet those of you who are not technically savvy are wondering how to access a website without using an app. It’s really quite simple. Gab has the instructions here to set up browser shortcuts to your home screen. This social media website is just plain sweet. Andrew has his own YouTube alternative where Gab members can upload and share their videos. There is also Gab’s privacy web browser Disseneter , based on Brave code that blocks trackers and is available for many operating systems. Other alternative social media websites are, PolittiChatter , MagaBook , and Parler , that’s still hanging in there, but just can’t seem to get it’s crap together! 😥

I must say, I loved Facebook for keeping in touch with Friends and Family. And its messenger app is really handy for chatting and video calling worldwide. BUT, Since Facebook teamed up with the Biden Administration to further silence Conservatives/Republicans and Trump Supporters, Facebook has become the long arm of the U.S. Government doing dirty-work the government itself can not do. It’s became a dangerous place on the web to share your family’s personal details!

Jen Psaki admitted today that the Biden Admin/White House is actively working with big tech censors

There is a fantastic messaging and video calling app from Japan called Line Messenger , which is really sweet. Line app is not popular in America where Facebook Messenger dominates communication, but Line Messenger is number one in Asia where most people despise Facebook. My last girlfriend who went to heaven in 2019 shared it with me. I’m now using Line Messenger for all my communication with her family and friends in Thailand, and several Facebook friends have begun using line messenger and love it. Meanwhile life online goes on and I don’t need Facebook!!

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible!

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