Taliban Handed Kabul Afghanistan by Joe Biden and His Socialist Crew

As Joe Biden is hiding out somewhere, the Taliban was handed the keys to Kabul Afghanistan. It’s said there was no resistance. Also, MIA is Jen Psaki who took a sudden week off because she’s too cowardly to take a few hard questions from the Democrat’s chosen media partners. This is a worldwide embarrassment showing just how weak America is under Democrat leadership!

Taliban reaches Kabul and The Afghan/NATO government peacefully handover over power to Taliban ending a 20 year conflict and time traveling Afghanistan BACK to 2001 and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under Taliban reign.

ABC News Reports: The Taliban swept into Afghanistan’s capital after the embattled president joined the exodus of his fellow citizens and foreigners. KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban swept into Afghanistan’s capital Sunday after the government collapsed and the embattled president joined an exodus of his fellow citizens and foreigners, signaling the end of a costly two-decade U.S. campaign to remake the country. Heavily armed Taliban fighters fanned out across the capital, and several entered Kabul’s abandoned presidential palace. Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman, and negotiator told The Associated Press that the militants would hold talks in the coming days aimed at forming an “open, inclusive Islamic government.”

While the world reckons with the Taliban’s quick takeover of the capital of Afghanistan over the weekend, President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki are nowhere to be found. Without a word to reporters as he stepped onto Marine One on Friday, Biden departed the White House to relax at Camp David until Wednesday, just one day after his administration sent 3,000 U.S. troops to Kabul to rescue people working at the U.S. Embassy while terrorists took over other Afghan cities.

Lawrence Jones began by pointing out the fact that the original mission in Afghanistan had been to root out terrorists after the 9/11 attacks on American soil — but that over time, the mission had shifted dramatically to nation-building. “It was how fast the pullout happened. So many people want that our troops out of Afghanistan, but if — they cut and run. Like how fast we pulled out in the middle of the night with no notice,” McDowell replied, saying that U.S. troops and contractors — along with air support had basically pulled out without any warning. “So it has been an utter disaster in terms of the speed with which we pulled out and didn’t think about the women and the teachers and the children who would be raped and enslaved or murdered. So that is the bigger problem,” she added, pivoting then to talk about Biden specifically.

As Joe Biden vacations at Camp David, Afghanistan falls into the possession of Taliban warlords, hundreds are protesting at the White House over what they believe is an American betrayal.

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