Obama Authorized Quid-Pro-Joe Biden And Son Ukraine Corruption

New allegations of Obama Admin Authorized Ukraine Corruption surfaced recently. Hunter Biden, on the board of, Burisma Energy, was paid $50,000 month to allegedly sell access to top Obama officials. All this heat is landing on quid-pro-Joe Biden as Ukraine once again investigates the firing of prosecutor Viktor Shokin which Joe bragged about. BIDEN ADMITTED TO HIS CORRUPTION!

Nothing but the quid-pro-quo truth from the horses mouth itself JOE BIDEN with recent denial allegations pointing the blame on President Trump. Ole Quid Pro Joe is the guilty party and lies trying to cover it up. From Alolph Hitler’s playbook: Blame our enemies for what we are doing! Biden LIES and MSM covers his ASS!

If the above video evidence does not convince ya quid-pro-Joe Biden is lyin’, this tidbit from the last refuge should be noted: John Solomon is reporting on a myriad of documents that highlight how Vice-President Joe Biden engaged in a pressure and influence campaign upon the government of Ukraine to financially benefit his son Hunter Biden. One of those documents is a sworn affidavit by former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was FIRED after quid-pro-Joe made threats! 😡

The chickens are coming home to roost. Bill Barr and John Durham are digging deeper each day. All roads into the Biden Family Ukraine and don’t forget China Corruption lead to the Obama Admin!

President Trump has gone through better than three years of constant harassment by the Democrats and the DNC paid lobbyist fake news media. Watch him crush them all on election day! ?

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