Donald Trump Hannity Interview 08/17/21 Biden’s Afghanistan Screwup

Donald Trump spoke about Joe Biden’s worst screwup ever since becoming president, Afghanistan, on last nights Hannity show. It’s apparent Biden is hell-bent on screwing up everything Donald Trump accomplished during his term as the best American president ever, in my opinion. So the biggest question is, why did Biden leave all our American personnel and others behind? And especially our taxpayer-funded high-tech equipment, vehicles, aircraft, and arms, behind? Did Hunter sell a painting to the Taliban? Did the “Big Guy” pocket his ten percent? This wreaks of corruption!

Former Potus-45 Donald Trump talks about Joe Biden’s Afghanastan bumbled pullout, with Hannity, 08/17/21.

MSN Reports : Days removed from the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul and after a lengthy news conference with national security adviser Jake Sullivan, there is still little clarity on how conditions degraded so quickly in Afghanistan. When ABC News correspondent Stephanie Ramos asked Sullivan about reports that Biden administration officials were informed the Taliban could overwhelm the country, the national security adviser denied seeing it. “I’m not actually familiar with the intelligence assessments you’re describing,” said Sullivan. President Joe Biden, in his remarks Monday, conceded that the Taliban takeover of the country unfolded faster than anticipated.

Afghanistan evacuees crowd Cobble airport runway waiting to be evacuated.

Anyway, it’s looked at as a huge screwup. Other countries are laughing at America’s bumbling commander and chief. Donald Trump would never have made this huge mess. All we can do now is pray for those Americans and Afghanistan Allies that are trapped there .

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