Donald Trump Save America Rally 08/21/21 Culman AL Instant Replay

Donald Trump held his latest Save America Rally last night in Culman Alabama. As in any Trump Rally crowds of people were in line early Saturday to enter York Family Farms in Cullman to hear former President Donald Trump and other Alabama Republicans speak at his latest Save America Rally. The energy was so high it could have lit up all of NYC. Congressman Mo Brooks, who will speak before former President Trump, mingled with some of the people in line. The rally attendants said many of the same things when asked why they came. They believe in the former president.

SATURDAY AT 8:00PM EDT President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks in Cullman, Alabama. reports: Chuck Phillips, 70, who lives in Cromwell on Logan Martin Lake, joined the line before noon, more than two hours before the gates opened. “I’ve always heard about these Donald Trump rallies, and I always said if he ever gets close enough to Alabama, I’m going,” said Phillips, who said he works as a truck driver, mechanic, machinist, and bartender. “Here he is in Alabama, so I’m not going to miss it. I’m here.”

The gates opened about 2 p.m. After clearing Secret Service checkpoints, people streamed into the grassy field to await the main program, which started at 5. Cattle farmer Daryl Mutter, 48, came all the way from Fountain Run, Kentucky. “Our country is in a terrible situation,” Mutter said. “A desperate situation. A lot of people don’t realize it. President Trump, I think he has the nation’s best interest at heart, the working-class people. And that’s my reason for being here.”

Trump Save America Rally Culman AL

David Fogle waited in line with his wife, son, and daughter. Fogle, a California native is a golf instructor in Thompson Station, Tennessee. He explained why he made the 90-minute drive to hear Trump. “Just because he tells the truth about everything,” Fogle said. “I want my kids to experience it. I want them to know the country is still being fought for.” Fogle said he moved to Tennessee from Orange County, California in April, partly because of the high taxes in California. He said he felt at home in the crowd today. “You’re with people that actually have the same values and same beliefs,” Fogle said. “People out here actually fight for their values.”

Trump Save America Rally Culman AL

Alabama Republican Party Chair John Wahl said nine speakers are lined up to precede Trump. Other speakers include Wahl; columnist and commentator Todd Starnes; state Sen. Garlan Gudger of Cullman; Congressman Robert Aderholt of Haleyville; state Rep. Andrew Sorrell of Muscle Shoals; Attorney General Steve Marshall; Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth; Sen. Tommy Tuberville; and U.S. Rep. Brooks, who carries Trump’s endorsement in the U.S. Senate race. View other Trump Rally Archives.

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