How To Leave Deserved Negative eBay Feedback Without Removal

How To Leave Deserved Negative eBay Feedback. A lot has changed with eBay in the 20+ years since Doc started selling used cars on the platform. Feedback was the cornerstone back then, but since then is alleged to be manipulated. This blog post is about buying automobiles on eBay motors. It’s also about how to leave justified negative feedback if the seller lies or the buyer feels defrauded. Do it right so negs will not be removed!

In February 1996, when eBay was just 6 months old, the Community had already grown to several hundred members. Realizing the importance of having a simple and powerful way for members to exchange experiences, Pierre Omidyar, eBay’s founder, launched the Feedback Forum. Here’s the letter he posted on the Web site back then. Saying it reflects the founding values that continue to guide the Feedback Forum today.

deserved ebay negative feedback
Pierre Omidyar, eBay’s founder, launched the Feedback Forum back in 1996. Many things have changed since then.

Nothing could be further from that statement today. It is alleged that bad car dealers who are left negative feedback are getting those deserved negs removed by eBay. Back in the good old day’s feedback was mostly transparent. Though used car dealers could pay $100 to remove deserved eBay negative feedback, through square trade mediation service.

Today the feedback rules have been simplified dropping most of the harsh warnings of yesterday. Seller fees were always a priority, but today the marketplace is struggling to gain growth and keep wall street happy, but nowadays is rapidly losing market share.

deserved negative ebay feedback
Tutorial how to leave deserved negative feedback that a bad seller can not get eBay to remove

I was inspired to blog this post today because of a comment left on this blog post from Dec 2018. Long gone are the quality front-line ready automobiles on eBay motors. Years of distrust, and the loss of the founder’s “trust and community values” have done major damage. In my humble personal opinion, this niche venue has become just another online classified!

I foolishly bought from rebuiltcars0199 based on excellent feedback. I received junk with a blown transmission (full of water) with too much money into it I could not return it and lose so much money. They offered me a small partial refund until the got EBAY TO REMOVE my negative feedback without contacting me, now they have no reason to pay out. My feedback was removed, no partial refund.

If you got burned while doing a used car transaction on eBay motors and the seller is not responsive or offers little help, a deserved negative eBay feedback comment may be warranted. It was difficult searching for the feedback rules but these tips are helpful.

  • Hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, or violent language cannot be used in profiles, user IDs, chat rooms, discussion boards, member communication, eBay Claims, eBay Stores, feedback, listings, product pages, collections, and any other areas of the site

Be factual when leaving feedback. Don’t let your emotions give a bad seller an out to get your neg removed. Don’t use words like a con artist, thief, liar, scammer, etc.

The whole idea is to do your homework before buying a used car online. Have used cars INSPECTED before Buying or Bidding! An inspection is the only way of knowing the truth about a used car’s factual condition. As I mentioned in the linked post above, never buy a water car, unless you are a rebuilder or have a mechanic handy. Especially if a flood car has been in salt water. Salt water eats everything including the wiring of a car leaving a green mush.

Any questions comment below, or in my support forum. I’ve been retired from the used car business for many years. This website is maintained and kept online to be helpful for those who buy/sell motor vehicles online. Don’t become a fraud victim!

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