Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Facebook Truth!

Yep that old saying, Nothing Hurts WORSE than the TRUTH is really true, especially when it comes to Facebook. Yesterday I blogged This Article about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine approval by the FDA. In a friend’s post about the topic, I said, my thoughts and WordPress short link to the aforementioned post. Well, would you know the Furor bitch slapped me silly. In my blog post, I shared my Pfizer vaccine experience (x2) and the side effects I experienced. I even suggested getting vaccinated. And also suggested reading the factual information that’s available, and draw your own conclusions. 😉 But you can just bet someone on Joe Biden’s team is behind this!

Facebook Truth Butt Hurt

I reckon this Ben Garrison cartoon embedded in my post must have pissed off the Biden Admin!

Facebook Truth
The Truth
The Facebook Truth
The Facebook Truth

The Facebook Truth is. Friends shared their daily life stories, posted photos of family events. The popular social-media site was like a big family hangout with friends and family. And most of us didn’t care that they profited off of our data. It was a fair trade for the service provided. But since Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki proudly declared their team was given Moderator Access to remove disinformation from Facebook, the once-popular social network has not been the same. My Facebook timeline has become boring, and full of promoted spam ads. Folks are backing away from Facebook in droves. I’ve removed all of Facebook’s apps from my iPhone and prefer the Asian Line app . Facebook is only accessed by VPN and my desktop computer, usually once or twice daily.

Folks are trading in their Android smartphones for iPhone’s due to Google spying on their daily activity. Turning on smartphones microphones and listening to conversations. AND spying on your driving habits with its Android Auto motor-vehicle connect app paired with your phone. Big Tech is in essence de-platforming itself becoming an arm of the Federal Government, doing dirty deeds that the federal government can’t do itself. Take your Wokeism and shove it! 😆

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible!

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