PayPal Sucks Still Up – Another Treasure Trove Of Dirty Laundry

For some unknown reason, I popped into my web browser, and wallah. After all these years It’s still online. Wonder who screwed sellers the most, eBay or PayPal? Whois data shows it was registered in 2000 back when eBay was a hot subject!
Screenshot of consumer fraud awareness website still online since 2000

This brings me to the reason for this post. What to do with I honestly have no desire to keep up with eBay. That is unless theirs something that’s just begging to be blogged. And it’s a fact this site would have been shut down long ago. But when eBay execs decided to send one of their influencers to attack me it turned personal. Trolls accusing me of selling stolen cars and rolling back odometers was not a smart executive decision. A good selection of their cyberstalking videos is archived here . PayPal Sucks and eBay Motors Sucks document corporate consumer fraud.  Fraud awareness websites saved millions of consumers who otherwise would have lost their money!

Today while looking at my logs I spotted eBay IP looking at this blog post authored in December. For over a decade execs ignored eBay Motors simply because Amazon did not sell used cars. eBay was determined to compete with Amazon. They tossed the greatest majority of their early ma-and-pa sellers away chasing after big retailers with disastrous results. Yet they send trolls after me and another blogger. This Twitter act belongs to the eBay influencer who is also one of their top-rated sellers .

So this IS eBay Inc. Spending shareholder money on offshore websites used to attack their critics. It’s nobody’s fault the eBay brand name sucks but theirs. They did it all by themselves. But as Adolph Hitler said, blame our enemies for what we’re doing! I’m proud that has saved countless consumers from losing their money to online car scams and sleazy sellers. Someone should help the good guys! Guess since is still online I’ll leave EBMS up a little longer! 😉

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