The Ultimate Biden Admin Betrayal! American’s Left Behind In Afghanistan

American’s DO NOT Leave OUR OWN BEHIND! But considering China Joe Biden is Clearly NOT AN AMERICAN and has Betrayed his own, he should resign his presidency in shame. But that would make Kamala Harris our President, and IS Unacceptable! The whole Biden Administration is a Total Disgrace! Meanwhile, with all, that’s ongoing in Afghanistan and the Southern Border (Kamala’s BIG Failure) our homeland is in a never-before-seen crisis. Big Media and Big Tech is doing their best to cover the Biden Admins ASS, but they can never contain the shit storm that’s heading their way.

The Biden Admin hands Taliban a “Kill List” of American’s and Afghan Allies. Demand Justice! This is Unacceptible!

Is America heading for its second Civil War? The People of this once Great Nation under Donald Trump and other good president’s leadership are beyond fed up! Will those in big media and big tech hang their heads in shame for their betrayal to “we the people” hiding the truth about the Biden Admin? Just thinking about those Media and Hollywood personalities who sold their soles to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) makes me sick to my stomach.

Pastor Greg Locke tweeted his disgust with Joe Biden yesterday as big media danced on our heroes soles
The world now realizes that Donald Trump was ALWAYS the victim of a politically motivated witch-hunt.
Even the despicable CNN is beginning to fold its cards over the Biden Admin’s Betrayal in Afghanistan
Tucker Carlson blasts U.S. officials over the chaotic military withdrawal in Afghanistan
Biden Betrayal
Deceased American Heroes homeward bound, only to be disgraced by Joe Biden looking at his watch during their greeting!

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August 31, 2021 4:21 PM

In 2012, four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi for absolutely no reason other than the feckless piece of human waste, Barack Hussein Obumbler, and lying, cheating, crooked old bee eye tea sea H Hillary stood by and watched them be murdered by a bunch of rabid Muslims all for political reasons. Now, we have 13 U.S. servicemen murder by a rabid Muslim suicide bomber in Kabul all because of the total ignorance and incompetence of a senile old man that was elected to the WH in a fraudulent election. What a useless waste. Just imagine if you are the… Read more »

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