eBay Probing Visitors Computers Using Port Scans

According to Forbes , eBay is snooping around their website visitors computers running port scans. Folks go to eBay to shop for whatever but as they surf the venue the venue is surfing into their customers private lives. This port scan activity is done even if you’re not signed in.

ebay port scan

Originally picked up by Charlie Belmer, who works on privacy and security for the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo search engine, and published on his personal blog , the probing behavior was seen to occur with web browsers running on Windows, but not Linux.

Bleeping Computer has put together a table showing the total of fourteen ports that are being probed by eBay. Apart from one unknown program on port 63333, the remaining 13 are all remote access tools such as VNC and TeamViewer, for example.

After learning about this, BleepingComputer conducted a test and can confirm that eBay.com is indeed performing a local port scan of 14 different ports when visiting the site.

When visiting the eBay.com site, a script will run that performs a local port scan of your computer to detect remote support and remote access applications. Many of these ports are related to remote access/remote support tools such as the Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, TeamViewer, Ammy Admin, and more.

Just an observation, see the links above for more info. I’m sure others are doing the same thing. Their is no such thing as privacy these days. 😥

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