eBay Sued By Ina & David Steiner For Multiple RICO Statute Violations

Back in June 2020, the FBI rounded up several former and current eBay employees that targeted the Steiner family that operates eCommercebytes a website that reports on eCommerce in general. They started their blog about the time I joined eBay and started selling used cars at the venue. eBay is well known for its glitches and other errors that Steiners reported. Their truthful reporting brought on targeted cyberstalking and after a thorough investigation, the FBI rounded the perps up. eBay took the easy way out letting the accused resign. One received a million-dollar severance package. The Steiners have since filed a lawsuit against eBay corporate . Alleging a “systematic campaign to emotionally and psychologically torture” the pair “in order to stifle their reporting on eBay.” 🙁

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling announces the charges. Video credit, CBSBoston/YouTube

The lengths this corporation went to punish outspoken former sellers, critics, and publishers who criticized their bad business practices are shameful. Doc founded the eBay motors sucks website in 2004 to warn consumers of fraud when used car scams were out of control on the site of the recently launched eBay Motors. He has paid a heavy price for his efforts since then. Trolls attacked his credibility as a motors seller. His girlfriend’s family was stalked. He was removed from his church because of lies told to his pastor. Corporate hate is at its absolute worst. It’s well documented here .

Wonder whatever happed to Chuck Fitch, another vlogger that was cyberstalked by eBay Inc. Haven’t heard from him in some time. He was a successful vlogger on YouTube’s eBayisaJoke channel. That was a sight to see. Wearing a guy Faulks mask and digitally altering his voice he stuck it to eBay and PayPal defending marketplace buyers and sellers who had been defrauded or had other complaints. It’s said eBay had an influencer who was buddies with top-level corporate officers that enlisted his help to run eBayisaJoke off of YouTube. It took bringing in some heavy hitters but the task was accomplished.

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eBay was all about community values and trust back in the beginning when I started selling used cars on the new eCommerce venue back in 1999. When the new eBay Motors venue was rolled out a couple of years later European scammers mostly from Romania stole sellers’ photos and descriptions and then listed the vehicles at unrealistically low prices . Buyers who trusted their trading partners lost millions as eBay corporate racked up the profits. This buyer lost $43,000 on a 2008 Tesla Roadster, which was about half of its value. It’s the lure of a too-good-to-be-true deal that snagged the nieve!

Back in around 2005-2008 when eBay Motors was infested with car scams Ina Steiner would not report on it, my emails to her went unanswered, despite read-notify tracking verifying she opened them. Regardless I wish the Steiners luck settling their lawsuit , considering the abuse they took was more than Chuck Fitch or I encountered from eBay influencers like Joseph DeMarco and his team of trolls. Maybe Chuck Fitch and I should get some form of Reparations for what was done to us? There are many eBay stories and documentation on this website that remains online to warn consumers of used car fraud. Fraudsters are far more sophisticated today. In a blink, your money will be gone! 😥

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