As 911 Anniversary Nears Biden Praises Taliban Orders Vaccine Mandate

The power of being president has gone to Joe Biden’s head. Yesterday he scolded unvaccinated Americans and dictated his vaccine mandate order. He sounded more like Adolph Hitler, or Fidel Castro, than any American President I’ve ever heard! Biden threatened Republican Governors with an executive action if they didn’t force their people to get vaccinated. We need to get him and his entourage out of power, and the only way that will work is a Forensic Audit of ALL States!

Biden vaccine mandate
Joe Biden President of the NEW Third Reich of America 2021. GOD Please Help Us!

AFPI Presents: American Security 20 Years After 9.11 A live-stream panel discussion on American Security 20 Years After 9.11 featuring Center for American Security Co-Chairmen Lt. Gen (ret.) Keith Kellogg Former & Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, and Center for Homeland Security & Immigration Chairman Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

Meanwhile, as Americans prepare for the 20th anniversary of the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks that brought down the world trade center’s twin towers, people are sick of Joe Biden. The media is hyping his vaccine mandate, and not saying diddley about the Afghanistan disaster. They also are not saying a peep about the newly uncovered documents PROVING Fauci was behind gain-of-function research, creating a bio-weapon that killed America’s Roaring Trump-Economy.

Biden Admin Praises Taliban On Week Of 9/11 Anniversary: ‘Businesslike And Professional’

Of course, this “Vaccine Mandate is nothing more than a Democratic Smokescreen” to distract anyone thinking about Afghanistan or Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement in gain-of-function research carried out in that world-famous Wuhan CN Lab, that American Taxpayers Paid For!

Jen Psaki Defends Dr. Anthony Fauci Following Report of the US Funding Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Lab

Order Full Forensic Audits of the 2020 election in every state! Then kick his ass out of there and put the rightful president back where he belongs. Arizona election will be the first one overturned, then Wisconsin, then Georgia, then it’s all over for Joe and his communism-loving entourage!

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