Does Gen. Mark Milley Have President Joe Biden By The Short Hairs?

I’m thinking Gen. Mark Milley has Potus46 Joe Biden by the Short Hairs. Considering that Biden is defending Milley, and also thinking slow Joe is worried about the general getting even. Can you imagine the huge amount of dirty Afghanistan laundry Milley could spread around? It’s just a thought as the plot thickens. Was he a traitor to his country? Did Milley conspire with Nasty Nancy Pelosi and commit Treason? Meanwhile, where’s Hunter? Did he sell a painting to the Taliban? 🙄

gen. mark milley
Did Gen. Mark Milley conspire with Nancy Pelosi to overthrow Donald Trump’s Presidency? Image credit New York Post.

Latin Post reports: President Joe Biden on Wednesday showed his support to General Mark Milley amid the China secret phone calls allegations the chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff is facing following the upcoming release of the book entitled “Peril.” During a briefing outside the White House on Wednesday, Biden  said that he has a “great confidence” with General Milley after he was asked by a reporter following his closing remarks. Footage of Biden’s comments also showed that an official present in the gathering tried to stop the reporter who was asking the president about his stand on the allegations against General Milley. 

Gen. Mark Milley Treaon
Gen. Mark Milley with his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army. Image source Reuters

NewsBreak reports: Top US General Mark Milley held onto his job Wednesday after President Joe Biden rejected pressure to fire him for alleged “secret” phone calls to China amid concerns about then-president Donald Trump’s mental state. “I have great confidence in General Milley,” Biden said. Republicans demanded Biden dismiss Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, accusing him of undermining civilian control of the military in the calls to his Beijing counterpart last October.

Sean Hannity warns there is no middle ground in accusations, if true America faces ‘a constitutional crisis of the highest order.’

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