Democratic Anti-Police Narrative And Racism IS Destroying America!

Democratic anti-police and racism narrative is causing unrepairable damage to America’s Democrat-run states and cities. Last night Sean Hannity literally roasted Democrats whose narrative plays the race card agitating minorities. In this police body-cam video from 08/22/21 a Greenfield WI police officer is shot three times by Tyran Lamb, who was later killed in a shootout with police. It’s dems fault for demonizing our police officers that risk their lives protecting America!

Hannity and others discuss this car chase and accident in Greenfield WI in which a police officer was shot three times

The Blaze reports : What started as a traffic stop for running a red light in Wisconsin quickly escalated into a high-speed pursuit, followed by a car accident, and a shootout that left the suspect dead and a police officer in critical condition. Tyran Lamb, 31, ran a red light in front of Greenfield police officers near Milwaukee. Officers pulled over Lamb around 1:36 a.m., but the driver accelerated and drove away before the officer could exit the police cruiser.

Lamb raced through red lights and stop signs, but smashed into a pickup truck at an intersection. With Lamb’s vehicle disabled, police moved in on the suspect. Guns drawn, the officers demanded that the suspect show him his hands 18 times. Lamb refused to comply. A male officer approached the front passenger side of the vehicle and yelled for the man to show his hands. Video shows Lamb fire shots through the windshield, striking the officer. He also fired at the other officer but missed. The officer falls to the pavement and screams, “Shots fired! Shots fired! I’m hit!”

Bodycam video shows one officer treating the severely wounded cop who was shot in the chest, leg, and finger. “Please don’t let me die. Please don’t let me die, OK,” the downed officer pleads to the other officer. Please don’t let me die, I’m begging you.” It’s democrat’s fault for demonizing police!

Baltimore Riots
Reverend Al Sharpton stokes racial tension in Baltimore MD. As this CVS pharmacy burns, police protect firemen.

We’ve all seen this before in Democrat ran cities. People living in poverty as the Democrat mayors and other officials live in mansions. One despicable city is Baltimore MD where Democrat Elijah Cummings, (RIP) district is a pig-sty. Democrats as usual scream Trump is a racist, but this issue has nothing to do with racism. Baltimore is a filthy rodent-infested GhEttO! Then there is Nasty Nancy Pelosi, and Mad Maxine Waters whose districts are every bit as disgusting as Baltimore. It’s nobody’s fault but theirs. They try to blame it all on Republicans but that ain’t gonna fly. Just like back in WW2 Adolph Hitler told his generals, “blame our enemies for what we are doing”. A page is taken from Hitler’s Playbook, Democrat Style. How much more of this narrative can America stand?

Racism stokes violence in Baltimore another Democratic city
Riots in Elija Cummings Baltimore district as non-law-abiding residents destroy this police car
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