JAX ATC and Southwest Airlines, Suffer Biden Vaccine Mandate Blues

JAX ATC and Southwest Airlines Employees are reportedly walking out on their jobs protesting the Biden Admin’s Vaccine Mandate. Kind of difficult to fly when crews are not showing up for work. It’s reportedly mostly staff, ticketing agents, baggage handlers, flight attendants, that are twisting the grind to a halt crank at Southwest Airlines. S.W.A’s union filed suit to block the vaccine mandate. It’s also rumored American Airlines will be the next to suffer the Biden Vaccine Mandate Blues! 😥

Southwest Airlines fleet parked due to JAX ATC Biden Vaccine Mandate Blues
Southwest Airlines fleet parked at the gate due to JAX ATC Biden Vaccine Mandate Blues. Image credit, Aero Crew News.

It’s happening all across America. as the Biden Admin’s draconian vaccine mandate has employers threatening to get your jabs or join others out of work. Employees are not showing up for work, in protest. Guess it’s hard to fault employers who are threatened with hefty fines by the Biden Admin, who’s determined to jab a needle in every American’s arm if their employees are unvaccinated.

Steve Hilton went full force against the Biden administration’s Justice Department for weaponizing law enforcement

The Gateway Pundit reports: Big Media blacked out the news on Friday night that hundreds of flights out of Jacksonville were canceled due to walkouts in response to vaccine mandates. In addition, according to one source air traffic controllers staged a walkout in Jacksonville (JAX ATC) in response to the vaccine mandate being forced on them.

Air Traffic Controllers In Jacksonville, FL Reportedly Staged A Walkout Yesterday In Response To The Vaccine Mandate

Yepper… It’s the BIG Biden Admin Vaccine Mandate Blues, putting the screws to an already screwed up America headed by the Democratic National Committee! Be sure to Remember this Fiasco on Election Day 2022, and Vote Republican STRAIGHT Ballot!

World's tallest air traffic control towers not counting jax atc
World’s tallest air traffic control towers, Bangkok TH being the tallest. Image credit, Board Enquoria.

The New York Post reports: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday confirmed that the government isn’t requiring COVID-19 vaccines for people who illegally cross the US-Mexico border, despite President Biden’s new vaccine mandates for about two-thirds of US workers. “That’s correct,” Psaki told Fox News reporter Peter Doocy at her daily press briefing. Psaki gave the curt reply when Doocy asked, “It is a requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people. It is not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why?” She did not elaborate.

Biden Admin press secretary: Jen Psaki smugly says there’s no vaccine mandate for illegal migrants! But it is for YOU!

I’m thinking, the JAX ATC walkout does not make sense, despite being reported on Twitter and the GP. If that were the case ALL Airlines would have a slew of canceled flights. I remember back in 1981 when Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO ) threatened to go on strike over a wage dispute. Ronald Regan promised to fire every controller and put the Military in the towers, PATCO defied Regan and went on strike. Regan fired all of them and put the screws to that union!

The big 3.5 TRILLION wipe. Image credit, Ben Garrison cartoons.
The big 3.5 TRILLION wipe. Image credit, Ben Garrison cartoons.

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