China FOBS, A Hard To Detect Orbiting Hypersonic Missile Threatens USA

China has tested its latest weapon, a low orbital vehicle that, fitted with a nuclear warhead, could strike the United States from the south, effectively evading many of the U.S. military’s early-warning radars. As its name implies, a FOBS launches like a traditional intercontinental ballistic missile then enters a brief stable orbit before de-orbiting after just a fraction of a trip around Earth.

china fobs missile
China has tested a hypersonic glide vehicle that goes into space and traverses the globe in an orbital fashion before making its run through the atmosphere to its target. The U.S. government was caught totally off-guard by it. Image credit, Lockheed Martin.

Update 10/18/21: While you’re here, listen to today’s Dan Bongino show as he points the finger at Hillary Clinton who was allegedly involved in RUSSIA’s Version of this hypersonic glide missile. Yes, Russia, and Bill Clinton along with speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation!

Episode 1628 The Explosive Connection Between Hillary And China’s Deadly New Weapon – The Dan Bongino Show

Forbes reports: Where a traditional ICBM briefly escapes the atmosphere as it predictably arcs toward its target, over the North Pole, in the case of a Soviet or Chinese ICBM heading for the United States. A FOBS actually stays in orbit just long enough that, depending on its trajectory, it can streak toward a target from any of several directions.

FOBS: A Nightmare for US military advisors planning retaliatory measures in case China gets more aggressive with Taiwan

As many of the most powerful strategic radars are fixed and thus point in just one direction, a FOBS has great potential for an atomic sneak attack . The less warning a target country has of an incoming nuclear strike, the less likely its anti-ballistic-missile defenses are to work.

Judge Jeanine reveals who she thinks is running the White House 10/16/21

So as America struggles with Wokeism and its top military brass such as General Mark Milley searches near and far within the military ranks for white supremacy and racism. Are we prepared for a FOBS attack from China? Judge Jeanine Pirro mentioned who she thought was running the White House, last night during her opening statement. I believe the Obummer is calling the shots!

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