At This CNN Town Hall, Confused President Biden Says, Why Am I Here?

At last night’s CNN Town Hall, Joe Biden was in a daze while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper but managed to spin his way through the questions by telling lie after lie. This video is presented to show Joe is clearly not in charge at the White House. Right after the start of the town hall, Joe Biden clearly said “I’ve been a senator for 374 years.” and never corrects himself. He’s confused and in a daze, In my opinion. Watch this interview and point out the untruths in our comments! ūüėé

Joe Biden participates in a Bias Soft Questions at CNN Town Hall, hosted by Anderson Cooper

New York Post reports: The White House¬†was forced into¬†damage control¬†mode¬†Friday,¬†with spokespeople trying to ‚Äúclarify‚ÄĚ multiple comments made by President Biden in a¬†live¬†CNN town hall¬†including a commitment to defend Taiwan from a possible attack by China. While¬†answering¬†audience¬†questions¬†during¬†Thursday¬†night‚Äôs event,¬†Biden was pressed on how the US will match China‚Äôs military¬†following¬†reports of hypersonic ¬†missile testing¬†by Beijing,¬†as well as whether¬†the US¬†would¬†defend Taiwan from a potential attack.

China, Russia, and the rest of the world know we have the most powerful military in the history of the world, Biden responded. Don‚Äôt worry about whether we‚Äôre going to war, they‚Äôre going to be more powerful. What you do have to worry about is whether or not they‚Äôre going to engage in activities that will put them in a position where they may make a serious mistake! ūüėÜ

It’s time for all of them to go. Order a full forensic audit of all states. Put the real president back in the white house. Fire all of Biden’s appointees, reverse his disastrous executive orders and destructive policies. We must save our homeland ASAP while theres an America left to save!

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