Ed Durr The NJ Trucker, Leads The Red Wave Midterms Takeover In 2022

Ed Durr, the New Jersey trucker who ousted the state Senate president in a shocking election upset got a congratulatory call from the man who inspired him to run, former President Donald Trump. Durr, who famously spent just $153 on his Republican primary on route to defeating Sen. Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester), was seen in an orange T-shirt as he took the call while sitting under an American flag. Well, you take care, Donald Trump could be heard telling Durr, as someone with the senator-elect exclaimed, Oh my God! Anything I can do, you let me know. OK? Let me know,” Trump, 75, told him in the call posted to the Gloucester County GOP’s Facebook page on Sunday.

Ed Durr, the Republican truck driver who pulled a David-Goliath upset over New Jersey’s most powerful Democrat, reveals his small budget, and reacts to being called a “racist” by left-wing media. Video credit, NewsMax/YouTube

The New York Post reports: Durr’s victory was one in a series of shocking defeats for Democrats, most notably Terry McAuliffe losing to Glenn Youngkin  as governor of Virginia. The Garden State almost had another upset with Gov. Phil Murphy barely beating Republican Jack Ciattarelli, who is contesting the decision . It’s really quite simple. American’s are fed up with Democrat leadership!

Ed Durr the Republican NJ trucker out campaigns Democrat Steve Sweeney. Image credit, Transportation Nation.
Ed Durr the Republican NJ trucker out campaigns Democrat Steve Sweeney. Image credit, Transportation Nation.

The Democratic Party is behind the eight ball with America in turmoil due to democratic leadership. People are fed up, and are reminded how loused up Democrat leadership is when filling their gas tanks, or going grocery shopping. Donald Trump showed us what America could become under Republican Leadership. It’s a shame that the republican party is not stepping up to prevent the chaos our country is in today. But never fear Ed Durr, and Glenn Youngkin, and others are leading the way for the HUGE Red Wave Tusanami that’s coming in 2022-2024. Big tech can censor and Facebook can shadowban me and my word, but can’t stop the Red Wave that’s coming! 😉

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