Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest Caught On Ring Doorbell Camera

Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest caught on on a Ring Doorbell Camera. The story goes after Brooks backed his smashed-up Burgundy 2010 Ford Escape into the driveway where it was recovered. He ran through that yard to an adjacent street looking for a place to hide. Brooks eventually wound up ringing a gentleman’s doorbell. He told the homeowner he was waiting on a Uber. The guy invited Brooks into his home out of the cold and made him a sandwich. Hearing police sirens Brooks went back onto the gentleman’s porch where he was promptly arrested.

Video captured by a Ring camera appears to show Darrell Edward Brooks in front of a home before being arrested in connection to the Waukesha parade accident. Credit, NBCNews/YouTube.

The Pacific Pundit reports: New doorbell video of the arrest of Darrell Brooks has been released. It seems Brooks went to someone’s house, claiming he was waiting for an Uber. The man let him in, made him a sandwich, then noticed the police cars arriving and lead him outside of the house. The man showed the kindness of a true American, not knowing what Brooks had just done, inviting him inside the house out of the cold and making him a sandwich.

This is America, It’s just what America is all about! Not what the Marxist Democrats want you to think America is, as they continue to destroy our homeland. We can not trust mainstream media to report the truth. America is under attack from within. An example is MSNBC Prime-time anchor Joy Reid who stokes racial hatred for a three-figure paycheck.

Darrell Brooks ring doorbell camera video
This video shows Darrel Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest captured on Ring doorbell camera. Credit NBCNEWS/YouTube

Seek out the truth about what’s happening in our homeland. Watching liberal media that is pushing political ideology and racism gets us nowhere. Personally, the only news network I watch is Fox News. Some Fox personalities lean to the left, but the greatest majority such as Tucker Carlson , Sean Hannity , and Laura Ingraham are great. Fox & Friends is my choice for the morning’s news. Subscribe to the Dan Bongino show. Dan is a former NYPD and Secret Service Agent who gets it. Our homeland is in peril, and I want facts, not the liberal media spin on the news!

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