Trump On Levin Show: Biden Could Take America To The No Return Point

Former President Donald Trump joined Mark Levin and warned that President Biden and the Democratic Party’s heavy-handed pivot toward a far-left-wing and globalist governance could reach a point where future elected officials cannot course-correct and the republic as it was originally founded will be lost. However, Potus45 said he predicts a big-big Republican win in 2022!

Life Liberty & Levin Show, Mark Levin Full Interview with Donald Trump 12/05/21. Video credit, Fox News/Rumble.

Fox News reports: Barack Obama was markedly divisive, but Biden is ‘far worse’ and more overt. Levin noted Trump has said Biden will go down as the worst president in history, with other critics claiming his policies thus far have led to an economic downturn that eclipses fellow Democrat Jimmy Carter. Donald Trump told Mark Levin that Joe Biden’s admin has already departed from a previous executive order banning Marxist critical race theory from the federal government.

One of the photos in Trump’s new book, OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER, is of the former President and Rush Limbaugh. During Mark’s interview with Trump, they dive deep into Rush’s critical role in American conservatism and reminisce about when the legendary radio host received the Medal of Freedom. Video credit, Fox News/Rumble.

If you look, President Obama was very divisive, but people were quieter about it. They didn’t want to insult him, but he was very divisive, Trump later added. But the Biden administration is far worse. In fact, I noticed the other day where Obama said ‘this is very dangerous; all of these, you know, what they’ve done. It’s too much for him, he said. But when they look at his top economic people are looking at this inflation, and they’re seeing these bills that are being passed for trillions and trillions of dollars where it’s like throwing money out the window,” Trump continued, appearing to reference how Obama-era officials like Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers have warned against some of the current Democratic officeholders’ actions. These are Obama people telling Biden people ‘you can’t do this, but they push forward anyway. Let’s see what happens.

trump levin interview
Donald Trump interview by Mark Levin 12/05/21. Image credit, Fox News.

Trump expressed delight seeing Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin prepare to take office in Richmond next year after his upset of Clinton confidant Terence McAuliffe. The former president said Youngkin called him after his win to thank him for his support: “The ‘MAGA’ people came out in a force far greater than anybody thought possible.” While Trump expressed that Youngkin’s win should be a wake-up call for the left, he added that either way the nation must return to policies of strong borders, free enterprise, a fair press. Our other Trump Rallies and Interviews are here.

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