Biden Presidency Fail, Build Back Better, In Reality, IS Build Back Broke!

Biden Presidency Fail as Joe’s Build Back Better is actually, in reality, Build Back Dead Broke! Ever since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office they have been lying to us. As America’s debt climbs to a staggering $30 TRILLION, Biden first said his bill costs $0.00. That’s a lie. Here’s the truth, Joe Biden and the Democrats have lost touch with reality. Taking America to the poor house! 😥

biden presidency fail
Joe’s Build Back Better is Build Back Broke. Pay attention to what’s going on in our homeland! Image credit, NRSC.

FL Senator Rick Scott reports: Now, Joe’s digging deeper and keeps falsely claiming that his ‘Build Back Better plan is fully paid for. Another bald-faced lie exposed by this latest report from the Wharton School of Business. Here’s the truth, Joe Biden and the Democrats have completely lost touch with reality. In their desperate attempt to push forward a radical and reckless socialist spending plan, Democrats are willing to raise taxes for every American family and business, further fuel their raging inflation crisis, and ignore the facts and wishes of American families until they get their way. Even worse, Democrats are willing to do all of this while making sure to carve out huge tax breaks for their rich friends in liberal, high-tax states with a massive SALT cap repeal. It’s disgusting. American families are sick and tired of Biden’s lies and socialist demands.

Fox News Business reports: President Biden unveiled a revised framework last week for a modified social spending plan that imagines spending close to $1.75 trillion over the next decade, but a new analysis released Tuesday suggests the actual price tag is far higher. The newest “Build Back Better” proposal – pared down from the original $3.5 trillion request – would expand Medicaid, establish universal preschool, provide new funding for child care and offer green energy tax credits, though it notably omits progressive priorities like free community college and Medicare coverage of dental and vision. It relies on $1.95 trillion in new taxes, including a 15% corporate minimum and a surcharge aimed at ultra-millionaires. Nothing but another example of Biden Presidency Fail!

In the illustrative permanent spending scenario, the total cost over 10 years is instead $4.26 trillion. Transfers and tax expenditures make up 66 percent of new spending under the permanent spending scenario. The largest proportion of this spending is on the CTC extension, which totals $1.8 trillion in new spending over the budget window.

Wharton School of Business
Peppermint Patty, another example of Biden Admin Fail. Taking America to the poor house!

Though the numbers vary by source, after Joe’s gimmicks are whittled out are somewhere between Three and Five Trillion Dollars that America does not have. All Joe and his fellow socialist Democrats are doing is printing more money. The more money Joe adds in circulation makes what we have in the bank buy less. The Build Back BROKE Bill needs to be given the Bums Rush out the door!

trump rally las vegas
The wall suite man and another attendee wearing a CNN fake news shirt-wearing man on stage at last nights Las Vegas Trump Rally

Pay attention to what’s really going on in your homeland. Avoid the mainstream media who in reality are paid spokespersons for the Democratic National Committee (DNC.) They are selling America a Narrative (Political Talking Point), and some flat-out tell lies to us. All their Fauci-ism and fearmongering over Covid Omicron variant. They are trying to drive us apart and artificially create more division in America. Turn them all OFF! Here are the news sources I watch and follow.

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