Williams-Sonoma Christmas Grinch Fires Employees Via Conference Call

Williams-Sonoma is FidoSysop’s Christmas Grinch of the year! Apparently, the home goods giant’s company bean counters decided that seasonal work from home employees would be fired two days before Christmas Eve. What’s even worse was how the upscale home goods retailer handled their employee firings. They gathered those to be forced on conference zoom calls and a recording said you’re fired. The crap hit the fan with at least one employee recording her conference call!

This Is How Williams-Sonoma CEO Laura Alber Plans To Hit Sustainability Goals By 2025. Image credit, Forbes.

Daily Mail UK reports: Home goods giant Williams-Sonoma has fired scores of remote workers in a series of brutal conference calls more than a month before they expected their seasonal jobs to end, In conference calls this week, the company fired remote employees who had worked for the upscale retailer and its subsidiary brands, Pottery Barn and West Elm, according to one of the fired staffers, who asked not to be named. ‘It’s awful, people are devastated, said the fired worker, a mother of two in Tampa, Florida who had worked as a furniture associate. I’m a single parent, I can no longer afford Christmas. It’s sad to see this sort of humbug at Christmas!

Audio clip of a worker talking with a supervisor. You’re doing this on Christmas week, whose idea was this? Credit, Daily Mail.

A spokeswoman for Williams-Sonoma insisted that the terminations took place in ‘small group meetings’ of roughly 10 to 15 over the phone because all the seasonal workers involved were remote. The fired worker disputed this, telling DailyMail.com that there were more than 100 people on the conference call where she learned her fate and shared a shocking recording of the call.

Of course, they couldn’t pay them for a few more weeks they just had to pay their CEO millions more than she isn’t worth.

Those FIRED were seasonal employees who knew their positions were seasonal. They also knew their employment could be terminated at any time, but were expecting it to end in January 2022. It’s the method the home goods giant used to give their employees the boot, and the timing just two days before Christmas showed company CEO Laura Alber was the Grinch that Stole Christmas!

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