Twitter Censors President Trump’s Unifying George Floyd Tribute Video

Twitter censored president Donald Trump’s unifying George Floyd tribute video. The official word from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the media was removed by a copyright complaint. The video containing clips of rioting and looting, is covered by the doctrine of fair use rights. So Dorsey’s excuse is just more big tech censorship. We the people are sick of big tech censorship!

President Trump’s message and tribute to George Floyd is below hosted in my private cloud ?

President Donald Trump Unifying George Floyd Tribute Healing Not Hatred

As reported by Trending Politics : On Saturday, President Trump gave an incredibly touching and unifying speech to the nation concerning the death of George Floyd. The media refused to give it much attention. Instead, they decided to focus on the violent riots in the streets.

As a result, the liberal media and celebrities everywhere have accused President Trump of being ‘divisive’ and ‘weak’. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson even made a viral video this week asking Trump ‘Where are you? Where is our compassionate leader?’ Turns out, President Trump has been incredibly unifying and compassionate, but the social media giants are censoring that content.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign released a video called ‘Healing, not hatred’ which highlighted President Trump’s unifying remarks about George Floyd on Saturday, but it was promptly removed from the left wing platform. Their excuse for taking the video down was due to ‘copyright’ reasons, but we all know the real reason it was taken down. In our humble opinion, this video displayed perfect messaging on the part of President Trump, and Twitter couldn’t stand to see it go viral.

Here is the original post from the Trump campaign (notice it says ‘media has been disabled’):

I’m sure I’m not alone being sick of big tech censorship. After being bitch slapped five times by Facebook’s leftist fact-check police, I unpublished my Facebook FidoSysop page. It’s not worth the aggravation. While i was in the mood I also unpublished my twatter page. My account was so shadowbanned hardly anyone seen my tweets. I’m not playing their censorship game! There another social media alternative site Parler that works well on my iPhone check it out

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June 8, 2020 12:17 PM

Everything Trump is censored today. No way Joe Biden’s getting elected. Though president Trump is censored by big tech Americans are not stupid and will vote Republican across the board