LakeShore Communities Inc Management Causes Homeowner Grief

Normally I blog a Christmas article on the 24th of December. But today I’m doing something different. Several months ago I sold my mobile home to a neighbor. The community used to be a well-maintained 55+ retirement mobile home park but was bought out by a large corporation LakeShore Management. The manager Jude told my buyer it was illegal in Florida to own two mobile homes. A mobile home is considered a vehicle in Florida and has a registration sticker.

The park has taken every home that someone died in back by filing a lien for back rent due. These are permanent trailers, that can’t be towed away. When my girlfriend died in Dec 2019, Lakeshore Management tried kicking me out despite the lease being in both of our names, and the rent was paid on time. It took threatening to call 8 On Your Side to be allowed to live in my own home.

So when the guy next door and I settled on a price for the unit that was totally renovated in 2008 when my girlfriend and I moved in, Lakeshore Management community manager Jude threw a hissy-fit. He was going to sell his after moving into mine. She told him it was Illegal to own two mobile homes in a single mobile home park. They wanted me to move out or default on the lot rent so they could file liens and get the unit back to resell themselves. It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby! 😥

Lakeshore Communities Inc, Property Management DBA Twin Palms Community Clearwater The Worst Slumlords Ever!

So, Rather than lose the deal I left the unit and lease in my name until the end of 2021 when the license renewal was due. That would give him a few months to sell his mobile home and secure the lot lease. Just pay the monthly rent in my name. Sounded good and his check came on time each month. I had previously emailed that I received the license renewal in the mail. He said I’ll take care of it. This week after receiving another email from DMV about the renewal that was still due.

My first email:

Januarys rent Is xxx. Please have the property lease and vehicle title transferred into your name by the end of January 2022. Merry Christmas, Ed 

His Response:

Our agreement had no time limits.  We will get all things done and transferred in good time. Thanks for transmitting the January bill number.

My response:

Fly Boy, drop that smart ass Yankee attitude. As we discussed I would allow this unit to remain in my name until the end of 2021, when the state registration expires. I just got another email from the tax collector that the registration has not been renewed, and must be done by the end of this month. I really could care less about LakeShore or the current lease that is in my name. You’ve had nearly 5 months to dump that albatross of yours and transfer the title and secure your own lot lease. 
So kindly keep your end of this gentleman agreement. I’ve been a man of my word. 

His response:

My….MY………  You must be related to Joe Biden.  FJB…and YOU.  By that I mean you fucking tell lies like they grow on trees just like Jackass Joe.  You’re seriously cognitively challenged…just like Jackass Joe.  As for being a “Yankee”……I will put my conservativism up against your paranoia idiocy any day of the week and twice on Sunday.   I’m so much more conservative than you….you’re an ant looking up at my boots you liberal idiot.  So, listen Idiot… and I had no agreement on the handshake deal that delineated a date.  Oh…sorry, you don’t know what “delineate” means.  Let me explain.  There were no dates discussed between you and I regarding the sale of your piece of shit mobile home.  If we agreed upon a date….what exactly was that date Pinocchio?  The end of 2021 never came up or was discussed.  I told you that I would sell my place as quickly as I could.  But guess what?  Places arent selling quickly here anymore and we have still got some work to get your junk in a livable state.  Just like Jackass Joe…..youre spitting up things that did’nt happen…..Corn Pop.  You’re God Damned LUCKY that you got the money that you got for that junk place.  And don’t think for a moment that I didn’t notice that you told me you would accept what we paid and that “would cover what you owed” on it.  Funny how that didn’t match the fact that there were no liens on the place.  Another of your fucking lies that became obvious to me very quickly.  I said nothing, and cut your dumb ass some slack.  Now, there are challenged people who should just never attempt mathematics.  It appears you are one of those sad examples.  I’ve had “5 months” to complete the transfer??  Are you kidding?!  Lets try this simple math experiment.  Follow along closely munchkin.  12, as in twelve, minus 5, as in five is what?  I’ll wait for your answer…..tic….toc…!  Well?  The answer is, drumroll please…..7 as in seven!!!!  Now here is where things can get sticky for you with this complicated math experiment.  Because….the next question is….what month is delineated (Opps, theres that nasty hard word again) by the number 7?  Check you calender and use your fingers and toes to count.  Yes Einstein, that would have been July.  In July you were still rubbing your greasy, grubby hands all over the walls and pissing on the floor in that mobile mess.  Now, another brain teaser for you.  When were the payments made to you for the sale?  I’ll save you the trouble.  First payment was near the end of August and the final closing payment was near the end of September.   Marcia sent you the October rent shortly after that.  That was the first rent payment.  So…in fact you drama queen…its only been 3, as in three months of rent payments since the consummation of the agreement.  So, shove your hyperbolic simple-minded “almost 5 months” bullshit up your ass and twist counterclockwise until it comes up your throat.  Its funny.  I’ve always defined liberals easily.  Liberals always accuse us conservatives of perpetrating exactly what they are doing, so as to cover themselves.  Boy have you got that maneuver down pat.  Way to go Mav.  No, homes in these parks are not Taj mahals, but at least mine is clean and orderly.  It’s taken us a couple months just to clean your grease and mess out of that place.  You sarcastically remarked that it was clean enough for you to live in.  I wouldn’t have let a rabid dog live in that place the way it was when you left it.  That tells me all I need to know about you.   It took us a week just to clean your greasy, grimy, dirty shit off the walls so we could begin painting and not have it peel off the walls for Gods sake.  You never ever moved anything to clean especially the carpeting.  We couldnt spend 15 minutes in that place without becoming sick with sneezing fits.  It all has to be ripped up and replaced.  Again….all I need to know about you.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  You missed that mark, sonnyboy.  And lets not even mention that you can’t keep your agreements.  You asked me if I wanted any of the furniture or bedding in the house or on the porch.  I said no….its all got to go.  You agreed to that.  Then you left.  Leaving all your shit in the house and on the porch and expected me to get rid of it.  Weeks later it was finally all gone.  Agreement FAILURE.  So, you can take another month off of the mathematics experiment.  When we asked, with your girlfriend in the room, if all the air conditioners worked, you said yes.  On that final fateful day, I find out that the large AC unit in the living room (term used loosely) doesnt work.   You gave back a couple hundred when confronted with this lie.  That was great, but guess what?   Its going to cost us at least $300 to fix it or more to buy a new one.  Agreement FAILURE.  
So, listen up you snake oil, slimy son of a bitch……keep your sarcastic mouth shut.  Keep forwarding the monthly rent amounts.  And keep cashing the checks that Marcia sends you.  Yes, her name is Marcia…not Marsha like you keep writing her name.  And I keep correcting it with you.  You don’t even have enough respect to get her name right.  Again…that’s all I need to know about you.  When we are God Damned good and ready, we will finish the title and registration of that place.  Until then, keep your scumbag liberal mouth shut and keep cashing the checks.  

And one more thing.  “FLYBOY,”  REALLY?  Sarcasm doesn’t even begin to describe that bullshit.  You know that I served in the United States Navy for many years.  I put my life on the line for this country to preserve and protect you and your pathetic life.  So don’t you denegrate my service and sacrifice to this country you magot infested rat.  Did you serve?  I don’t know…but based on your disgusting immoral character Im betting you wouldnt put up a single pinky finger to defend and protect this country.  You claim to be a conservative, but you’re really only a slimy self-centered narcistic ass hole.   I’ve worked with and flown the most sophisticated and classified equipment on the planet and to places you could’nt even dream of.  I have worked with some of the smartest, most talented and Patriotic people on the earth.  I never speak of my military service and all that goes along with it unless someone asks…and sometimes not even then.  You think you’re cute with your “private server” (bullshit) but you could’nt even begin to dream of the technology that I have used to protect this country and now to provide safe and efficient air travel to thousands of people every year. 

So….save the “flyboy” crap for someone who gives a shit.  You didn’t serve our great country….so save the pious bullshit, you asshole.  As for the term “flyboy,” many of my friends especially in the fire department use that term to describe me.  I wear it as a badge of honor.  Because you use it as a term of sick sarcasm, proves what a deviant, Patriot hating shithead you really are.  

Wow.. And to think this guy had Trump signs in his lot during the 2016 campaign. Speaking of Lakeshore Management their community manager at that time, they’ve had dozens since then because they treat their help as bad as their residents , was said to be driving around on her golf cart removing Donald Trump campaign signs.

This guy is a commercial airline pilot who flys for a major carrier. It’s obvious by the above email that he has serious anger issues, and his communication skills and spelling are horrible! My writing skills are not the best so I use Grammarly to check for and correct misspelled words and punctuation etc. Grammarly identified 64 mistakes in his email reply. This is the kind of guy that could lose his temper and injure or kill someone. He carries a gun, and when I was getting rid of my unneeded furniture threatened a guy that was picking a dresser up at night. I will not lower myself to say what my actual thoughts are regarding this email. But since you ran your mouth about my “private server” (bullshit) line above, this is what it’s used for. Bet ya didn’t think about this when you angrily fired that email my way. I’m a blogger on the right side of America defending my constitutional rights and MY President, Donald J. Trump! ❤

As these photos show this unit is in excellent condition considering it was built in the ’60s. In 2008 the previous park owners took it down to the bare shell and totally rebuilt it. New floors, drywall, cabinets, bathroom, electrical, plumbing, utility shed to match the new vinyl siding and new windows. My girlfriend and I are non-smokers. It’s been lived in and needs the carpets cleaned and minor TLC, but nowhere in the poor condition, my buyer claimes. It’s Lakeshore Management greed for money that caused this rift! 😡

All of this crap could have been avoided had Lakeshore Management Given this guy a lease. He’s lived next door to me for a good 8 years. But it’s that corporate attitude of LakeShore that sucks. This is a retirement mobile home park. People die and either their relatives don’t want to inherit and pay the lot rent until the home sells, or have no family and the park slaps liens on the trailer and sells it. They are so used to getting free property and reselling it, is why Jude refused to give this guy a lease. I’m a retired used car dealer, and there is NO State Law that says a person can not own more than one mobile home. So considering I foiled their efforts to boot me out when my girlfriend died, they hate me with a passion. Such is life in our Sunny Florida Paradise. A Ron DeSantis State!!

As we say in the used car business ~ theirs is an ASS for every seat! 😎

I'm a 71yo Florida-born good ole southern boy who operates the longest-running Wildcat-5 fidonet network computer bulletin board system in America. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as an Internet hobbyist and maintain a large political archive. If you find this information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible! 🙏

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