Avalinn Rackley Tornado Survivor Gets Christmas Love From The Trump’s

Avalinn Rackley a Mayfield tornado survivor received Christmas gifts from Donald and Melania Trump. I’m glad there is still Love in America from good people like the Trump’s. Avalinn Rackley, couldn’t contain her excitement, screaming enthusiastically when her grandmother, Pamela Moore, who filmed the whole encounter, tells the little girl the Christmas gifts came from the Trumps! ❤

As a tornado approached a family’s home in Mayfield Missouri, three young sisters huddled together in a bathroom for safety. The moment was captured in a photo, with 9-year-old Annistyn Rackley in the bathtub, clutching her favorite doll. Sadly, it was the last photo the little girl would ever take. Video credit, Inside Edition/YouTube.

The Floridian reports: These boxes came in the mail, and they are from. President Trump! Both of these boxes are from President Trump. Can you believe it?” Pamela tells Avalinn. “Oh my God! No, I can’t,” the brave little girl screams in disbelief and joy as she is seen wearing a back brace and matching Christmas onesies with her dad, Trent Rackley. “Let’s see what’s in them,” Pamela says. The gifts sent to lift the little girl’s spirit during this hard moment in her life also came with a personal touching letter from the Trumps.

We are so encouraged by the strength and determination you have shown during this very difficult time. You will remain in our hearts for complete care and comfort as you continue to recover, the letter from Donald Trump and Melania Trump read:

Letter to Avalinn Rackley from Donald and Melania Trump
Letter to Avalinn Rackley from Donald and Melania Trump. Image credit, Pamela Proctor Moore Facebook.

America still has a heartbeat despite Joe Biden and his Democrats doing everything in their power to kill it! Donald and Melania Trump are two of America’s Great Patriots that love our country and are there during times of crisis with warm caring hearts. Can’t say that for photo-op Joe Biden!

Tribute To Melania Trump The Best Ever Produced, Audio credit, Tom Jones, She’s a lady, written by Paul Anka.

It’s my opinion that God is angry with what mankind has become. When crises like the killer tornados strike, does anyone consider what else could be causing it, other than climate change? Our government has taken God out of the classroom and so-called “Experts” are dictating what our children are being taught in school. Last night at our church movie, the pastor showed, God Is Not Dead: We The People. An excellent movie where Judge Jeanine Pirro preceded over a town’s family court, where a group of Christian homeschooling families is terrorized by the government. 😥

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