Joe Biden Lied, Admits He Can’t Kill The Virus His Campaign Promised

Joe Biden Lied once again, this time admitting he can’t kill the virus as promised when campaigning that swayed many voter’s opinion. Some folks actually believed Joe could kill the virus and campaigned for him. One of those Floridians was Donna from the Villages retirement community in Central Florida. The Villages was Trump territory during the 2016 campaign, many stepped over to the dark side in 2020. It’s sad to see how Joe and his cohorts are destroying our homeland! 😥

Donna From The Villages Florida Endorses Biden/Harris. Video credit, Biden Campaign 2020.

The States created the Federal Government, not the other way around. That’s why Joe’s Vaccine Mandates are Illegal in a sense. He knew his mandates were illegal but Joe thought with the FBI and DOJ in his pockets, who could stop him. Joe Biden Lied to America again!

The Washington Times reports: President Biden on Monday delivered a cryptic warning to the nation’s governors when he said there is “no federal solution” to the COVID-19 outbreaks and called on the states to do more. The message was in stark contrast to his campaign pledge to “crush the virus” with a federal response that he said eluded former President Donald Trump. “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,” Mr. Biden said on a conference call with the governors about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Though Mr. Biden sought to assure the governors that the federal response would not hamper their efforts, his call for more help from states underscored the administrations’ failure to bring the pandemic under control.

Joe Biden Lied
Joes Media room adjacent to the White House with LCD Screens for Windows. Image credit, Stars Post.

Everything about Potus46 is either a Lie or Fake. For instance that fake media room where he announced he couldn’t kill the virus. It’s across the street from the White House. The windows showing the Rose Garden are not windows. They are LED or LCD screens that display images of whatever is chosen that day. The room was built so a big Teleprompter screen is in front of Joe that he can easily see. Fake Fake Fake to dazzle the media with BS. Just like his FAKE Green Screen office of the president-elect digital backdrop. Joe has Lied and BSed the American People long enough!

Joe Concha slams the White House’s ‘flat-footed’ response to COVID-19, inflation, and crime. Credit, FoxNews/YouTube.

The Washington Examiner reports: Manhattan may not be the country’s premier maximum-security prison, but New Yorkers sure are fleeing the state as their lives depended on it. According to Census Bureau data released this week, no state lost a greater percentage of its population to domestic migration, or 1.5%, than the Empire State. Folks are fed up with Democrats!

Joe Biden Lied
Residents of states run by Democrats are defecting to states run by Republicans. Image credit, The Washington Examiner.

In all, 20 states lost population to other states in the 12-month period between July 2020 and July 2021, most of them controlled by Democrats. The three biggest net losers, California (minus 367,299), New York (minus 352,185), and Illinois (minus 122,460) are all completely controlled by the Democratic Party. And where are all these residents of states run by Democrats escaping to? To states run by Republicans. The big winners from domestic migration gains last year were Florida (plus 220,890), Texas (plus 170,307), and Arizona (plus 93,026), all of which have Republican governors. People fleeing Democratic governance for Republican leadership have accelerated during COVID-19. The worst Democratic leadership and Joe Biden lied are highlighted during the pandemic.

Democrats are weak on crime. Even before the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, Democrats made it easier for criminals to commit crimes without facing jail time. That was the entire point of California’s Proposition 47, which reclassified felony theft as a misdemeanor. Property crimes have soared in California since this change and have only gotten worse during the pandemic. New York City and Chicago have also taken key law enforcement tools away from police officers, making it harder for them to bring criminals to justice.

Democrats are bad on education. They routinely place the interests of teacher’s unions above student education, as they did when Democratically run states were far more likely to shut schools down and move to remote learning during the pandemic. For decades, Democratic states have been pouring more money into education bureaucracy salaries and benefits with no improvement on student outcomes. The COVID-19 school shutdowns just made these misplaced priorities obvious.

Democrats are bad for the economy. Democrats love to control people and strangle economic growth with regulation. Again, this has always been the case, as anyone who has tried to start a small business in California or New York can tell you. Again, the pandemic just made these differences more obvious, as Democratic states were far more likely to impose lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates than their Republican counterparts. As a result, 17 of the top 20 states with the highest percentage of job growth since the vaccines were introduced are states led by Republicans.

We are lucky to live in a country where people can vote with their feet and leave states with bad governance. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress and the White House want to export the same bad policies in their home states to Republican-controlled states. If they succeed, none of us will have any place to escape to. So Vote RED to save America in 2022-2024!

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