New CDC CoronaVirus Update Just In Time For Upcoming Trump Rallies!

New CDC CoronaVirus Update has all the leftist media squawking, including my local NBC affiliate WFLA . The CoronaVirus shutdown hoax is coming undone, (In my personal opinion) but leftists and their lobbyist media are panicking. YES IT’S TRUMP RALLY TIME and Dems are crapping their pants their so worried. Make America Great Again Rally – Tulsa, OK. 200 S Denver Ave. Tulsa, OK, 74103. June 19, 2020 @ 08:00 pm. Inside the BOK Center. Doors Open: 04:00 pm!

cdc coronavirus warning just in time for the Trump Rallies

Check out my blogged Trump Rally instant replay archive. It’s the perfect way to experience the energy of a MAGA Rally or relive past experiences if you’ve attended these HIGH ENERGY Events!

Tucker Carlson let the covid-19 cat out of the bag. The CoronaVirus is no doubt real – but is also very survivable. Just more fearmongering from corrupt dnc lobbyist media!

States that never locked down at all, states where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone, in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines, he added. The states that did lock down at first but were quick to reopen have not seen explosions of coronavirus cases. All of this is the opposite of what they said would happen.

cdc coronavirus update

I’ve repeatedly said the cdc coronavirus shutdown was a hoax put in motion to destroy America’s Trump economy. Democrats will do anything to regain their power. Where there are states with chaos and riots those states are Democrat controlled. Ain’t happening in Republican States!

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