DHS Parole Migrant Non-Citizens, Use Phones & Ankle Monitor Tracking

Starting in the fall of 2021, the Department of Homeland Security opted to conditionally allow migrants to leave through a process called parole, people familiar with the federal immigration operation told the Washington Examiner. Under DHS parole, migrants are being discharged from Border Patrol facilities, but their records have been digitally transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE ), the agency responsible for tracking non-citizens within the country. Those released have been outfitted with ankle monitors or phone apps that allow authorities to track them. 😆

dhs parole
U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) entry point. Image credit, DHS.

The Washington Examiner reports: The Biden administration has begun tracking all illegal immigrants released at the southern border into the United States, seeking to reverse course after losing track of nearly 50,000 migrants let go from Border Patrol custody under chaotic circumstances. The Biden administration implemented the parole policy in an attempt to stop losing track of tens of thousands of migrants as it did by relying on them to check in with the government on their own. 😡

The new policy will make it easier for the government to track every person, a move that should mollify congressional Republican critics of the administration’s reliance on notices to report. At the same time, it will allow the Biden administration to avoid placing migrants in detention, as has been a top goal for Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas .

DHS Parole
Dept Homeland Security website home page statement on their values. Image credit, DHS Website screenshot.

It’s well known on the street that ankle monitors are easy to remove, a pair of bolt cutters works like a charm. Does Joe Biden think these new DHS Parole non-citizens are stupid? They will ditch their tracked phones and cut ankle monitors off, leaving monitors laying in an alley. Yea, let us see here, hey pal want to buy my phone? $20 and it’s yours. ICE/DHS winds up tracking someone else. Boneheads! 😆

Tucker Carlson joins Fox & Friends to discuss the border crisis and rampant homelessness in Los Angeles ahead of the Super Bowl.

So as America’s southern border is wide open accepting new DHS parole immigrants, Democrats are worried about Ukraine’s border. Fox News reports: Democrats and much of the Washington neoconservative establishment is increasingly focused on protecting Ukraine’s borders but is at the same time uninterested in the millions of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.

What we have here Friends is a Government Sponsored Invasion of our homeland. It’s really bad when DHS and ICE are breaking the law. They have no regard for the people that elected them to keep America safe. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch! 😥

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