Patients Coded COVID Despite Actual Cause Of Death By Hospitals

New allegations have surfaced about Patients Coded COVID by Louisiana’s Inpatient Utilization Management Department which is blowing the whistle on COVID-19 cases possibly being inflated for financial incentives. The brazen instance of such potential abuse was a patient who had multiple gunshot wounds with his primary diagnosis listed as COVID-19. It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby!

James O’Keefe interviews Jeanne Stagg who spills the beans on hospitals flagging deaths as covid. Credit, Project Veritas.

Project Veritas reports: United Healthcare of Louisiana is the states’ Medicaid arm, and as the whistleblower Jeanne Stagg points out in a conversation with the Chief Medical Officer of United Healthcare of Louisiana, Dr. Julie Morial, there are several financial incentives for hospitals to prefer to code patients as COVID-19 hospitalizations. “So what’s the True number of Covid Deaths?”

“Well maybe that’s… maybe that’s driving some of the motivation,” said Dr. Morial before stating that the Medicaid rate for reimbursement of Patients Coded COVID is both higher and faster. Project Veritas also published footage of a leadership call within United Healthcare of Louisiana wherein the whistleblower’s attempt to discuss the improper primary diagnoses she is seeing was dismissed. A major element of this story is the fact that recent actions by public officials have allowed the problem to persist, and the whistleblower believes erroneous codes could be the cause of COVID-19 spikes which influence major public health decisions.   

Patients Coded COVID
Whistleblower points out there are incentives for hospitals to prefer to code patients as COVID-19 hospitalizations. Credit, PVA.

It’s my opinion that the old saying, It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby, and Money is the root of all evil, rings true in this article. Just the fact the US Government is providing financial incentives for hospitals to falsely code heart attack or stroke deaths is appalling. Hospitals in cooperation with the Federal Government are skewing Covid-19 true death numbers. There’s no doubt Covid is real, I had it back in December 2020. But the numbers are padded just like polls. We can’t believe what they are saying!

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