MSNBC Rachel Maddow (MadCow) Sickening Attack On FL Gov. DeSantis

MSNBC Rachel Maddow was running her mouth about alleged Nazis in Orlando FL and condemning our Governor Ron DeSantis. She really is a basket case churning out insults for her paycheck from MSDNC, as Hannity calls it. Let’s face it, the left hates Florida because it’s a great state to live in. Its LOW Taxes can’t be beaten. And best of all residents of crime-riddled Democrat states are leaving in droves heading to Florida, Texas, and Arizona for better lives. It’s Driving MadCow Maddow Insane!

Rachel Maddow shares a video of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being asked about the recent neo-Nazi activity. Video credit, MSNBC

MSNBC Rachel Maddow obviously has a severe case of mad cow disease , and it’s mostly noticeable when she speaks. She has made a fool out of herself more times than I can remember. The bloody Trump Head was one of her idiotic moments. Then the big spin she put on MSNBC about Donald Trumps Taxes was really dumb. Seconded only by Geraldo Rivera with his Capones Crypt bust!

MSNBC Rachel Maddow
Another great political cartoon by Beg Garrison depicts Rachel Maddow making a fool out of herself!

Gov. Ron DeSantis Offers Good Cops A $5,000 Florida Relocation Bonus!

It’s Great Living AND Working in Florida! And it’s getting even better in the Sunshine State thanks to our Governor Ron DeSantis. With ROGUE President Biden threatening America’s Police Officers who will be fired if they don’t get his mandated jab, Florida welcomes those Good Cops with open arms. DeSantis is making his offer even better. As soon as his legislature passes it, a $5,000 signing bonus will be available to qualifying out-of-work police officers who relocate to Florida!

Good Cops wanted in Florida
FL Gov. Ron DeSantis to offer Good Cops a $5k relocation bonus.

Florida Ports Are Open 24/7, Waiting To Offload Your Cargo!

Florida Ports are open 24/7, 365 days per year, and are ready to partner with your cargo to be smoothly offloaded and sent on its way to its destination. Let’s face it, practically everything in California is mucked-up, and their ports are no exception. From high taxes to homeless people sleeping on the streets, California is a leftist dream. Thank GOD For Florida, the Sunshine State!

Florida Ports
Florida ports are open 24/7 365 days a year.

CBS 60 Minutes Eats Crow Over Biased FL Gov Ron DeSantis Report

BS 60 Minutes tried sticking it to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling his Publix Covid-19 Vaccine distribution a ‘pay to play scheme.’ Instead, CBS and its correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi is fading intense heat for selectively editing out footage of why DeSantis chose Publix Supermarkets as another source of Covid-19 Vaccination in Florida. There’s a reason why media critic Mark Dice often refers to the most untrusted name in the news business as constantly broadcasting shit!

cbs 60 minutes Ron DeSantis
CBS 60 Minutes accuses FL gov Ron DeSantis of ‘pay to play scheme during covid-19 vaccine distribution

So Rachel MadCow Maddow shut the F-up. You’re just jealous that you’re condemned to the life of a liberal hater spewing trash! Florida is the state of opportunity but not for any of the haters at MSDNC!

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