Facebook Shadowban Technology Patent Chases Off Loyal Members

Facebook Shadowban Technology is yet another reason Mark Zuckerberg’s members are fleeing his once number one social media network in droves. And he even filed for and received a patent from the U.S. government patent office in 2015. Most Facebook members have experienced how shadowbanned tech works. You share something from say, Donald Trump yet none of your conservative friends like the link you shared. The problem is they can’t see your post. Only you can see it! It’s a chicken-poop form of moderation that Facebook and Twitter use. Sharing to my page I see this every day. Here’s rock solid proof of a tweet shadowban where Twitter was caught red handed!

Twitter Silently Censoring Conservatives by Shadow Ban Technology.

TechSpot reported on 07/16/19: USPTO grants Facebook a patent for an automated shadow-banning system. Algorithms could filter out banned speech without the user knowing. In 2015, Facebook filed a patent for “Moderating content in an online forum.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the social media giant its request on Tuesday for its Facebook Shadowban Technology. On its face, the patent claim seems banal, an automated system to weed through user content, so humans don’t have to. However, what makes it interesting is Facebook’s description of the system’s methods of moderation in the abstract:

The social-networking system may receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users. However, the social networking system may display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked, thereby providing fewer incentives to the commenting user to spam the page or attempt to circumvent the social networking system filters.

Facebook is Infested With SCAM ADS ripping off consumers.

Facebook and other social media sites claim that they do not engage in the practice of shadow banning, which is the act of blocking someone’s content without them knowing that they are the only ones seeing it. It has been a hot topic of debate for the last few years, especially in conservative circles.

Facebook Shadowban technology
Facebook censors a member’s page using Mark Zuckerbergs Patented Shadoban technology. Image credit, NationalFile.

Back on 05/09/20, this blog post was shared to my FidoSysop page and it was not getting hardly any views. Once again I was able to prove without a reasonable doubt Facebook had shadowbanned that post. And on top of the shadowban, they were manipulating the views and engagements in order to prevent it from trending. Mark Zuckerberg deserves the market punishment he’s getting now! 😡

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No matter whether Mark Zuckerberg calls his social-media website Facebook or META It’s the same old website with the same old political bias censorship against Trump Supporters! 😥

Facebook Political Bias Censorship Example
Facebook Political Bias Censorship Example

What was he thinking? Did Zuckerberg think Facebook was too big to fail? Folks are finding out about his dark secrets like Facebook Shadowban tech and are leaving the once Number One social media networking site in droves! Let Facebook go out like My Space. Mark’s getting his Just Deserves!!

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