Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) Rolls Out Sweeping 11-Point Rescue America Plan

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) our former governor for two terms has come up with his 11-point blueprint plan, jam-packed with 128 specific policy ideas to “Rescue America” that Republicans should enact once they retake control of both chambers this midterm election. “I’ll warn you; this plan is not for the faint of heart,” Scott added in the 31-page plan’s opening letter. We have lost control of our homeland!

Rescue America
Sen. Rick Scott unveiled his Republican 11-point American rescue plan when they win the midterms. Image credit, Scott Campaign

Scott ran for governor of Florida in 2010. He defeated Bill McCollum in the Republican primary election, and then narrowly defeated Democratic nominee Alex Sink in the general election. Scott was reelected in 2014, defeating former governor Charlie Crist. He was barred by term limits from running for reelection in 2018 and instead ran for the United States Senate, where he serves Floridians today.

Politico reports: Among Scott’s priorities: completing the border wall and naming it after former President Donald Trump, declaring, there are two genders, ending any reference to ethnicity on government forms and limiting most federal government workers including members of Congress to 12 years of service. It’s a bold move for the first-term senator and National Republican Senatorial Committee chair. But Scott said the 31-page GOP agenda he’s crafted is separate from his work chairing the party’s campaign arm, adding that it’s important to tell people what we’re doing. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has not yet released a midterms GOP agenda!

Rescue America
Last night’s Republican primary winners, Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott. They’re going to MAGA with Donald J. Trump.

Hopefully, by doing this, we’ll have more of a conversation about what Republicans are going to get done. Because when we get the majority, I want to get something done, Scott said in an interview. There are things that people would rather not talk about. I’m willing to say exactly what I’m going to do. I think it’s fair to the voter.” The 11-point rescue America plan (download pdf link) is a mix of longtime Republican positions, such as enacting a national voter ID law and shrinking the federal government, combined with culture war politics that define many GOP voters in the pro-Trump wing of the party. Scott said no one should be surprised that he’s devising his own plans, given his past record of working with Floridians. Scott’s motto during his two FL Gov. terms is, Let’s Get To Work!

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