Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Funded Biden Science & Tech Division

Corruption is running rampant throughout the Biden administration. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt played an “extraordinary” role in shaping the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. His charity indirectly paid the salaries of two employees. This included the current chief of staff Marc Aidinoff who is one of the most powerful officials in the office. In total, at least a dozen employees of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy are former associates of Schmidt! 😥

Eric Schmidt Biden Admin
There’s nothing better for big tech profits than putting Eric Schmidt in The White House. Image credit, Financial Times.

The PalmeriReport posted: As President Joe Biden granted his science office unprecedented access and power, one outside adviser to that office has attained what staffers describe as an unusual level of influence. A foundation controlled by Eric Schmidt, the multi-billionaire former CEO of Google, has played an extraordinary, albeit private, role in shaping the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy over the past year. More than a dozen officials in the 140-person White House office have been associates of Schmidt’s, including some current and former Schmidt employees, according to interviews with current and former staff members and internal emails obtained by POLITICO .

For years, Eric Schmidt, the former chairman and CEO of Google oversaw the company’s operations in China. Read between the lines. So he’s influencing Biden Admin’s medical and science-tech policy. Is China inside the White House? Credit, NBC/YouTube

Schmidt maintained a close relationship with the president’s former science adviser, Eric Lander, and other Biden appointees. And his charity arm, Schmidt Futures, indirectly paid the salaries of two science-office employees, including, for six weeks, that of the current chief of staff, Marc Aidinoff, who is now one of the most senior officials in the office following Lander’s resignation in February. The chief innovation officer at Schmidt Futures, OSTP alum Tom Kalil, also remained on Schmidt’s payroll while working as an unpaid consultant at the science office for four months last year until he left the post following ethics complaints.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s foundation has reportedly funneled money into the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Schmidt has long sought to influence federal science policy, dating back to his close ties to the Obama administration. While his spokespeople presented his efforts to help Biden as part of Schmidt Futures’ mission to“focus and mobilize these networks of talent to solve specific problems in science and society,” his foundation’s involvement in funding positions for specific figures raised repeated red flags from internal White House watchdogs. When will the GOP stand up to this corruption?

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