Texas Governor Greg Abbott Bussing Migrants To Biden’s Washington DC

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Bussing Migrants to Joe Biden’s Washington D.C. As Abbot says, let the state of Texas send them to where they can get the most help! Following Greg Abbot’s lead, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he will send the Sunshine State’s Illegal Migrants to Bidens’s Home State of Delaware, and other so-called “Sanctuary cities”. All Aboard The Deportation Bus to Bidenville!

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Texas will charter buses to transport migrants to the U.S. Capitol. Video credit, KXAN/YouTube.

The New York Post reports: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state troopers on Wednesday to begin stopping and inspecting commercial vehicles coming across the U.S-Mexico border and said bus charters would be offered to take illegal migrants to Washington, in a dig at President Biden.

With only seven weeks to go until the Biden admin lifts the Title 42 immigration order, Abbott announced measures to protect his state from the influx of migrants anticipated to cross the border. To help local officials because communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden Admin, Texas is providing charter buses for these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off in Washington, D.C., the governor said Wednesday. We are sending them to the U.S. capital where the Biden admin will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border. Soon after, Abbott signed an order directing the Texas Division of Emergency Management to head up the operation.

NewsMax reports: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is threatening to bus illegal migrants sent to his state by the Biden admin up to Delaware. The Republican governor made his comments on Wednesday in response to a question about “migrant flights” sent to Florida from locations near the southern border, the Daily Caller noted. If they’re going to come here, we will provide buses to send them to Delaware. I mean, if Joe Biden is not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there. So, we will do whatever we can in that regard. Biden represented Delaware for 36 years in the Senate before he became vice president under Barack Obama. He still maintains a home in the state. The Daily Caller noted that DeSantis had issued an executive order in September prohibiting Florida state agencies from aiding the Biden administration in transporting migrants.

Gov. DeSantis says if Title 42 is revoked, he will reroute immigrants to Delaware. Video credit, FirstCoastNews/YouTube.

Liberty Nation News reported in 2018: That Georgia State Senator Michael Williams has tongues wagging in the peach state, as he is touring the State’s most dangerous sanctuary cities, in his military-taupe-colored Deportation Bus. Williams, the former co-chair for the Trump campaign, is running for Governor on a strong anti-illegal platform, and DACA, Antifa, and the liberal media are one-by-one watching their own heads explode. The Williams gubernatorial campaign recently launched their Deportation Tour. Within hours of uploading their first video, YouTube shut them down, claiming it violated their hate speech policy. The bus was covered in such inflammatory verbiage as DANGER! Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters, and other criminals on board. And Williams mocks the sedate campaign tours as he states, this is not your average pansy bus tour!

Media annalist and critic Mark Dice reviews Micheal Williams deportationbus.com campaign video that was briefly removed by YouTube for hate speech. Williams’s video was later reactivated by YouTube. Credit Mark Dice, 2018.

Chuckling over Mark Dice’s comments in the above video, I think Mike Williams had the right idea back in 2018. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the Governors seat. BUT Greg Abbott bussing migrants and Ron DeSantis surely have the right idea. Since the Biden Admin lawlessly is running an open border policy, let’s ship them all to D.C. They’ll need to put that fence back up to contain them all! 😎

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