FidoSysop Deindexed By Bing Search For Being A Biden Regime Enemy

Ole FidoSysop was Deindexed by Bing Search for being an enemy of the current regime. Not only is FidoSysop deindexed in Bing search but also in the DuckDuckGo index. It’s in a sense laughable that a 70-year-old former used car dealer (trust me) and ASE certified mechanic turned internet hobbyist got under big tech’s skin so easily. Or as the old saying goes, nothing hurts big tech worse than the truth!

Nothing hurts big tech more than the truth. This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

After contacting Bing webmaster support who pretty much didn’t help, I’m thinking a BBB complaint is in order. This domain has nothing harmful, illegal, or threatening in any way, except I’m a Republican and Donald Trump supporter. Recently I’ve blogged a few articles that are current regime negative. Possibly one of my recent articles got under big tech’s skin. Considering I’m a former used car dealer and ASE certified mechanic turned Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator (Sysop) and Internet hobbyist pro-webmaster it’s amazing that my talents got under big tech’s skin!

This is not the first time FidoSysop was deindexed by Bing Search. Back on 08/26/19, my domain was deindexed by Bing and Google searches. That time it was related to a screenshot tweet shared to my FidoSysop Facebook page that reached 1.9 million people, all without spending a dime on Facebook advertising. Maybe this deindexing was related to sharing the Rigged 2020 Video trailer. Or a highly detailed post with information on Disney’s Ready Creek Improvement District. SMACK! 😥

There is tons of documentation of political bias censorship on this website. Just this blog alone has well over 900 articles. Its news vlog server has over 16,000 videos, and my cloud-hosted private video server has a lot of wrongdoing documentation. Including this email from Bing Webmaster support.

Getting Zucked By Facebook My Story In Screen Video.

So it’s imperative we all get out and turn the midterms RED in November. There’s too much bullcrap and illegal activity going on in the Biden Admin that needs to end ASAP while we still have America. It is noted, there are only Two Search Engines in America. There is Google and Bing. DockDuckGo and Yahoo subcontracts with BIng. So if you’re either deindexed by Bing, or for whatever the reason you’ll not be in DuckDuckGo or Yahoo search indexes. Other small providers contract with one of the above. Big tech controls what you are allowed to find on the net and it’s mostly liberal establishment websites!

I'm a 71yo Florida-born good ole southern boy who operates the longest-running Fidonet network Wildcat-5 computer bulletin board system in America. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as an Internet hobbyist and maintain a large political archive. If you find this information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible! 🙏

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