American Free Speech Online Is Alarmingingly Difficult But Is Achievable

American FREE Speech Online is Alarmingingly Difficult but is fully achievable with the right resources. It’s totally true that big tech owns the Internet because of the way they have monopolized it. Today’s web surfers use APPs to connect with web services. And that’s where they have us by the shorthairs. Say something they don’t approve of enough and they pull their APPs severing the connection. Parler is living proof of that. When they refused to comply Amazon cut off their proprietary servers! 😥

Free Speech Online
American FREE Speech Online is Alarmingingly Difficult but is fully achievable with the right resources.

I finally shut off my Facebook account and Twitter account as well. But with all the buzz going on about Elon Musk making an offer to buy Twitter I reactivated my account. There’s a 30-day temporary termination period when deactivating Twitter after that amount of time everything is deleted from their servers. Though I’m shadowbanned on Twitter it is a good source of information to keep up with what’s going on. Facebook is totally worthless and I don’t miss it the slightest bit. Mark Zuckerberg screwed his brand into the ground teaming up with the DNC and buying the 2020 election.

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It’s my belief that Twitter would destroy the company if Elon Musk was successful with his hostile takeover. Company insiders could sabotage the code and who knows what else. Plus Google and Apple OWN the apps and could zap them in a heartbeat effectively canceling Musk’s free speech online! 🙁

A newsletter from Gab’s Andrew Torba was in my email this morning upon waking from a good night’s sleep. He talked about Elon Musk and what would probably happen if he forced Twitter’s hand and successfully bought the company. At a minimum, the gatekeepers would pull their apps. Reposted.

Gab’s offer to Elon Musk:

This morning Elon Musk sent Twitter’s Board an offer to buy the entire company for $40B+. As I wrote last week , anything that explicitly has the aim of bringing more free speech to the internet for more people is a good thing. Twitter has legacy problems that Gab doesn’t. They are fully dependent on third-party infrastructure. We are not. We “built our own,” everything. Hosting, email services, analytics tools, eCommerce, payment processing, all of it. We built it all.

You also have to consider that bringing free speech to Twitter isn’t as simple as buying it. Apple and Google do not allow free speech, so if you stop the censorship they will kick Twitter from both app stores. We already solved that problem  and overcame it. Twitter operates in countries where mass censorship is required by law. They have offices in these countries. They have no choice but to comply with the censorship demands of those countries or risk being shut down, fines, etc. We understand this very well and have dealt with it, telling those countries to get lost. Free speech online must survive,

Then there is the problem of Twitter’s community itself. It skews massively left and thus anti-free speech. If you allow free speech on Twitter again, those people are absolutely going to leave because their fragile worldview can’t handle the reality that free speech brings. Another problem Twitter has that we don’t: total dependency on ad dollars. Gab’s business model is not 100% dependent on advertising. We have several other revenue streams including GabPRO, the Gab Shop, and GabPay our payment processor.

As a good friend pointed out rightfully to me this morning: “I highly doubt they will accept his offer. They would rather shares go to zero than hand over narrative control. If they do accept they will sabotage internally and to whatever degree he makes good changes Twitter will get the Gab treatment from the gatekeepers.” In light of these truths, I’d like to offer Elon a counteroffer to his very expensive and overpriced Twitter deal.


I founded Gab in 2016 because I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning constitutional federal republic. However, since founding Gab I realized that in order to provide a free-speech platform you must also have free speech internet infrastructure. Gab has since transformed from merely a social network into a free speech internet infrastructure company. We built our own servers, our own email services, our own payment processor, and so much more not because we wanted to, but because we had no choice if we were going to continue to exist.

What we are missing at the moment is an ISP. I fear that the next big leap of censorship is at the ISP level, with ISPs blocking access to You solve that problem with Starlink. Together we can build infrastructure for a free speech internet. I am willing to offer you a Board seat along with equity in the company in exchange for you selling your Twitter position and investing $2B into Gab. My offer is my best and final offer.

Gab has extraordinary potential.  Let’s unlock it together.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King

It’s my opinion that Donald Trump could overcome Truth Social’s Android App debacle by following Gab’s lead and coding their web HTTP interface to be mobile web browser compatible. As I said above Apps are not really needed if the web HTML code is properly written. Gab works excellent in my iPhone’s Safari mobile web browser. Just create a shortcut . The same goes for Android devices.

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