Trump Save America Rally Greenwood NE 05/01/22 Instant HD Replay

Potus45 Donald Trump held his latest Save America Rally at the I-80 Speedway in Greenwood NE last night. The rally was originally scheduled for Friday, April 29, but was delayed due to severe weather. Supporters started lining up at 10 a.m. Friday, some of them opting to camp out at the speedway overnight Thursday. Thousands came out for the rescheduled rally on Sunday and chanted “USA” as Trump took the stage. Trump said to the crowd he was there to support Charles Herbster.

President Trump Full Speech from Greenwood, NE 05/01/22. Video credit, RSBN/Rumble

He invited Herbster on stage with him. “I think Charles is going to do very well, and if he does, you’ll be very happy and you’re gonna have an even more prosperous state, we’ve made it very prosperous, and I really think he’s going to do just a fantastic job and if I didn’t feel that, I wouldn’t be here,” Trump said.

Save America Rally Greenwood
People gather at Greenwood’s I-80 Speedway for tonight’s Trump Save America Rally Nebraska 05/01/22

The crowd cheered at Trump’s messaging and digs at President Biden. Trump also gave his two cents during his save America Rally Greenwood about current Nebraska politicians, saying Senator Ben Sasse “grandstands” and is “an embarrassment to the people of Nebraska.” Trump also called Congressman Don Bacon “just another wise guy” and encouraged voters to vote against him, telling the crowd that Former Congressman Jeff Fortenberry recently found guilty of lying to the FBI over illegal campaign funds, was prosecuted unfairly.

Save America Rally Greenwood
Former Potus45 takes pot-shots at the failed Biden Admin in Greenwood Nebraska 05/01/22

The former president was on stage for just over two hours – leaving some crowd members wanting more. “I thought it was awesome, not long enough,” said Mary Gansebom, who drove in from Wisconsin. “It was very great to hear what’s happening, knowing what’s going on, what we can look for down the toad, it’s great,” said Anthony Yonkers of Bellevue. “I’ve watched him on TV, all of his rallies, but to see him in person was something I probably will never experience again in my life, it was excellent,” said Lincon native Betty Burback.

Following the rally, the Nebraska Democratic party called the Republican party “deeply divided” heading into the May 10th primary. Party chair Jane Kleeb said the rally is an opportunity for Democrats to now address important issues to Nebraskans while Republicans are “fear-mongering.” In a statement, Kleeb said, “Trump looked desperate, invoking all his one-liners, as he tries to cling to relevancy.” Friends don’t forget the gross incompetence and shame the Democratic Party has brought to our homeland since Potus46 took over. Do your research and vote RED to save America!

Right Side Broadcasting is the best at covering Trump MAGA Rallies and other speeches and interviews. Last night I happened to go over to Truth Social and the first truth to be shown on my wall was an RSBN supplied video clip that had been censored by Truth’s obviously leftist operated artificial intelligence. Wow, our fearless leader’s cyber albatross is censoring his own website, that’s not a website because it was programmed to be app-specific. Google has not authorized Truth’s Android app which dominates the smartphone market by around 72%. My review of Truth Social is here.

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