2000 Mules Movie Sellout In Theaters Nationwide. Yes, Dems Rigged It!

2000 Mules Movie Sellout is happening now throughout America. Here are net-sourced reviews, and testimony from people that watched it as the fake news networks were running with the supreme court leak diversion tactic. Many of us knew in our guts the election was rigged. And boy they did rig it by trafficking in mail-in ballots stuffed in Mark Zuckerberg’s ballot drop-off boxes by the thousands! 😡

The movie 2000 Mules was released in theaters nationwide on 05/02/22 and is selling out fast.

Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote’s cellphone GEO tracking data along with many hours of video surveillance video footage knock 2000 Mules out of the park big time. The 2000 Mules Movie Sellout is awakening Americans and people throughout the world who are posting comments and videos online.

Update 05/05/22: Y’all will probably agree that the supreme court leak of the Roe Vs Wade Draft was planned in typical Democrat style. They knew 2000 Mules was coming out on 05/02/22 in theaters. It’s obvious someone inside the Biden Admin sensed this movie would create a crisis for them. So they leaked the SCOTUS draft at the same time Denish D’suza’s movie was released. They knew the fake news media would run with the leak, drowning out any possible 2000 Mules coverage. Not only that, Democrats stirred up a hornet’s nest that had activists on both sides of the abortion narrative loudly protesting and clashing with police, further spinning the distraction. Sort of like the BLM Riots and destruction in predominately Democrat-run states and cities leading up to the 2020 election.

As expected the leftists are doing their best to discredit true the vote’s findings. Colorado Times Recorder reported on 05/04/22 citing other leftwing sources: It was a packed house at the Cinemark Tinseltown theater in Colorado Springs for Monday’s premiere of conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, 2,000 Mules. D’Souza’s film is the latest attempt by conservatives at questioning the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, which has been the subject of numerous forensic audits that failed to show evidence of fraud in states like Arizona and Michigan. Today the Biden Admin according to press secretary Jen Psaki, is supporting protesters intimidating our Supreme Court Justices at their homes by running intimidation tactics. Please comment below with your thoughts!

Reviews and Testimonials I have gathered are sorted by the newest added first! 😉

Tucker Carlson’s interview on 05/05/22 with Catherine Engelbrecht of truethevote.org who compiled the data in the 2000 Mules movie exposes the blatant drop-off ballot fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble
Critics are raving about 2000 Mules and how good it is, Credit, BehizyHub/Rumble

Hollywood In Toto reports: Could ‘2000 Mules’ Change the 2020 Election Narrative? Dinesh D’Souza’s alarming doc demands a fair hearing on the Left. It’s different, radically so in almost every way except one. You’ll never hear the arguments made in the film in the media or other traditional ecosystems. Except you should. And, if the film has the impact it deserves, that might very well change.

A must see documentary proving that we now have a fake President in office. Video credit, TheScottFordShow/Rumble

World Wire reports: It is genuinely rare to see this, extremely special movies and documentaries get critics to passionately discuss what the movie is about, most just talk about the movie itself. Most critics talk about the writing of the movie, the cinematography, the lighting, the story, the script, and the screenwriting, but very rarely do critics talk about the actual topic of the movie in the review. “While observing the reviewer’s rule of not completely ruining the story. But first, allow me to say: absolutely see this movie! Equally, if not more, importantly, try to get your liberal and progressive friends and family to see it. I know this will be difficult, that they will resist at all costs or reject as disinformation what is in front of their eyes, but changing even one mind is worth the effort.

Below is a testimony that was posted by Tom Werner who just watched 2000 Mules.

“Oh my God they cheated” from a Democrat that saw the 2000 Mules movie!

This post will be updated as more testimony from moviegoers become available! 😉

Your comments are encouraged! ❤

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marc lee
marc lee
May 8, 2022 12:40 AM

100% Trump won the re-election. Treason by all those cheated, worthy of death. Moving the destruction clock for themselves too.

May 6, 2022 2:54 PM

I have always heard that the 2nd Amendment is what guarantees our liberty. How so?

May 5, 2022 7:10 PM

So this documentary shows the democrats, cia, fbi, nsa, doj,…. and everyone thinks Another election is going to fix this? If we can’t fix the last election why would they Not do the same thing to win the next and the next? We have all the proof and who is still in charge and bolder than ever? That’s right, the very same people who cheated!!!

marc lee
marc lee
May 8, 2022 12:50 AM
Reply to  FidoSysop

Covid is to stop Trump; mistake not to wage war on China in order to save Hong Kong and declare martial law on election day!

Mandatory prison & $100,000 fine for fraudulent vote.
Illegal aliens can never vote, even with citizenship
Manual count with the public watching