Nikki Fried E15 Ethanol Blend Gasoline Authorized To Be Sold In Florida

Nikki Fried E15 Ethanol Blend Gasoline is authorized to be sold in Florida. Yea, E15 would be cheaper than the current E10 ethanol blend gasoline sold in America. However, many older cars may not run properly on E15 cutting down on performance and reducing vehicle’s miles per gallon. In that instance, motorists probably wouldn’t save much. And small engines may suffer more damage than E10!

With many families in the Sunshine State feeling the effects of high gas prices, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried on Wednesday announced drivers could find savings by using E15 gas.

It’s a known fact many gasoline engines do not like Ethanol period. Small engines like lawnmowers and gas trimmers and leaf blowers have carburetors that over time get clogged with corn fragments.

Florida Daily Reports: On Monday, state Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried announced that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has issued an emergency rule allowing the sale of gasoline containing 15 percent denatured anhydrous ethanol, also known as E15, outside of the traditional seasonal fuel season. The rule aims to increase the supply of gasoline products due to the crude oil disrupted by the Russian war in Ukraine.

It should be noted that Florida Daily must be a leftist-controlled information source. In the above paragraph, they blame the crude oil being disrupted because of the Russian war in Ukraine. That’s coming straight from Joe Biden’s mouth. It’s Joe’s FAULT gas prices are up because of his push for Electric cars and the green new deal shutting pipelines down and doing everything in his power to disrupt America! 😥

How Stuff Works reports: How much of a difference can there be between E10 fuel, which is in widespread use, and E15 fuel? How much damage can be caused by that extra 5 percent? The evidence is compelling enough that in 2011, several automakers said that owners of older cars running E15 were in danger of voiding their warranties. Although it must be said that most cars older than the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2001 model year cutoff were unlikely to still have valid warranties.

Nikki Fried E15 Ethanol
Ethanol E15 blend is derived from corn and may reduce gas mileage. Image credit, Getty Images.

A 2012 study by Auto Alliance indicated that some cars showed internal engine damage as the result of using an ethanol fuel blend. Damage to the valves and valve seats was evident in some of the cars tested. One of the 16 cars in the Auto Alliance study failed emissions compliance standards, which means it emitted more pollution than allowed by the EPA. The study also showed that cars running on E15 take a hit on gas mileage, so they require more fuel to travel the same distance, which counteracts the benefits of diluting it in the first place. This info is offered for older cars. 😉

nikki freed e15 ethanol
Ethanol damages the integrity of plastic and rubber in small engines resulting in parts failing, and poor reliability. Image credit, Gevo.

Thriving Yard reports: Many people ask, does Ethanol damage small engines? Ethanol damages the integrity of plastic and rubber in small engines resulting in parts failing, higher running temperatures, and poor reliability. Other known issues include phase separation, vapor lock, corrosion, oxidation, and altering of the combustion and compression ratios. Ethanol is a biofuel, an alcohol-based formula derived from sugar. Common sources used to create ethanol include corn and sugar cane. It is essentially a chemical compound made up of methylene and hydroxyl. The Ethanol molecule is a volatile, flammable compound similar to gasoline.

A word to Floridians. Our gubernatorial election is this year. I’m rooting for Gov. Ron DeSantis as he’s done a great job keeping the sunshine state Fauci free. Check out this Sweet Florida song dedicated to Gov. DeSantis by the Van Zant brothers. Crank up your speakers – this is fantastic!

Van Zant: Sweet Floida. Our Governor is Red, White, and Blue.Video credit, RonDeSantis/Rumble

We have three choices for our next governor. Reelect our present governor Ron DeSantis or pick a Democrat. Most of us are sick of anything Democratic when it comes to leadership. Charlie Crist is a flip-flopper that was a Republican but joined the Democrats. He is constantly talking out of his ass and is nothing but an old wore out politician trying to prove he’s still got it. As for Nikki Fried , I don’t know much about her other than she joins Charlie Crist in attacking Ron DeSantis on Twitter!

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