Hannity Show Full Interview With President Donald Trump 07/23/20

Full President Donald Trump Interview With Sean Hannity 07/23/20. Trump discussed Law and Order, the Coronavirus pandemic, reopening schools, supporting police, Chicago and Portland rioting. President Trump also pointed out why a Biden presidency would destroy America. If you missed this powerful interview on the Hannity show, an instant replay from Fox News is below.

President Trump answers questions on coronavirus, reelection and lawlessness in American cities in exclusive interview on Hannity

It’s all about Law and Order in Donald Trump’s America. Unfortunately the radical socialist Democratic party does not care about us. They want to defund and disbar our nations police who keep us safe. They want to open American borders up to anyone who can stroll across and support drugs prostitution and other crime. Senile Joe Biden will be a puppet controlled by Bernie, and other bad actors like Nasty Nancy Pelosi who compared Federal LE’s to Nazi StormTroopers.

We must Vote Republican full ballot to keep our country’s values and freedom alive. Yes Dems, it’s about Law and Order, something you are against. As Red Blooded American’s we will never support Radical Homegrown Terrorism, Crime, Drugs, Open borders allowing criminals into our homeland!

A full text transcript of this interview is available on realclearpolitics.com

President Trump “has advocated on our behalf on a continuous basis.” Quotes: Thank you Mr. President for standing up for the men and women in Blue. We love you so much Sir. It’s refreshing to see a very diverse crowd marching for the blue.

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