Hannity & Guests Destroy J6 Smear Campaign Political Theater 06/29/22

Sean Hannity and guests exposed Nancy Pelosi’s J6 smear campaign for just what it is, political theater. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is hearsay and has been discredited as such. Also, iron-clad proof Donald Trump did request the national guard that was refused by Nancy Pelosi! Democrats are desperately trying to stop Trump from running in 2024. That’s what the J6 hearings are all about. There is no defense to counter the testimony of witnesses like Hutchinson or Liz Cheney! 🙁

Fox News reports: The January 6 Committee didn’t reach out to the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) before its Tuesday hearing regarding an allegation that former President Donald Trump lunged at one of its agents and tried to grab the steering wheel of a presidential vehicle, an agency spokesman said. USSS spokesperson Anthony Gugliemi confirmed to Fox News Wednesday that the committee did not contact it in the days ahead of the hearing after it was first reported by Politico. The committee Destroy J6 Smear Campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News. 

Destroy J6 Smear Campaign
Donald Trump tells supporters to peacefully protest in the capital but is not mentioned the J6 sham. Image credit Fox News.

This comes after Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified Tuesday to the committee that Tony Ornato, the former deputy chief of staff for operations, told her about the incident involving Trump. According to Hutchinson, Ornato told her Trump repeatedly demanded that the Secret Service take him to the Capitol on Jan. 6. Ornato further told Hutchinson, according to her, that Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent and tried to grab the wheel of a presidential SUV when agents would not allow that. However, a source close to Ornato told Fox News that he watched the hearing yesterday and was shocked when Hutchinson made the allegation about the steering wheel. Destroy J6 Smear Campaign, actually, It’s beginning to implode into itself!

So it seems to me that this gal who was unemployed for over a year possibly had run all her credit cards up to their limit and was desperate. Did the J6 commission offer her compensation for her obviously coached testimony? I bet investigators are looking into that possibility now. If you’re a nonbeliever kindly watch this whole video and absorb the truth that’s being told! 😉

I'm a 71yo Florida-born good ole southern boy who operates the longest-running Wildcat-5 fidonet network computer bulletin board system in America. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as an Internet hobbyist and maintain a large political archive. If you find this information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible! 🙏

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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
07/01/2022 10:47 AM

The whole Trump hate campaign is getting real damned old the dem/communists just can not get in their sculls that people like Trump he tells it like it is and if you don’t like it to bad .That is one reason Trump is so well liked he does not beat around the bush what you see is what you get.The dem/communists like Biteme never tell the truth he lies every time his mouth opens never in my life have I seen such a liar the whole dem/communist party lie about every thing.I am fed up with these bastards.