Media Temple (MT) Acquired By

Media Temple (MT) recently bought by

GoDaddy has long been known as the Shit Merchant of web hosting services.

media temple acquired by
Two Web Hosting Crap Merchants Merge

Any serious webmaster avoids GoDaddy like the plague for web hosting. But GoDaddy’s domain pricing can’t be beat, especially when you can search the web for discount codes.

I recently set up a grid server hosting account with Media Temple (MT) and two weeks later canceled. Media Temple may have at one time been an advanced hosting company, but that was obviously many many years ago. One look at MT’s control panel tells the tale. I wrote an honest review about my mt experience.

GoDaddy’s web hosting control panel is a joke. But even GoDaddy’s control panel is still better that the one Media Temple offers with their web hosting packages. The point I’m making is both of these companies web hosting just plain sucks!

Media Temple is a startup that is a little long in the tooth: it’s been around since 1998, growing up in tandem with the wider web. In that time, its founders have raised money ($16.1 million, almost modest by today’s standards), started their own venture fund and built out an impressive list of customers from a mostly bootstrapped enterprise.

As for why MT decided to finally exit after all this time, co-founder Demian Sellfors said that this was always the plan.

We’ve had our eye on an exit since we started 15 years ago. We regard ourselves as entrepreneurs first and we designed it for exit from the start, even if on the way we accidentally built a phenomenal culture and a business that resounded with the marketplace. The idea of selling to a much larger company like GoDaddy is to make Media Temple bigger and better. We are growing nicely but it’s still very humble growth.

I have used them both. If your website gets little traffic either will suffice. Before you purchase web hosting, be sure to inquire if the host offers cPanel. cPanel is the best web hosting control panel i have used , and it’s preferred by many professional web hosts.

Another thing to consider is, many hosts wright their own reviews, have employees padding their web reviews. Web hosting is a crappy business – but unfortunately someone has to do it. 🙄

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