The Walls Are Closing In On The Biden Crime Family China Deals

Looks like the walls are closing in on the Biden crime family China dealings. New whistleblower texts are pointing at Pino Joe as the big guy. One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners referred to Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” in a panicked message the same day The Post broke the news of the infamous laptop from hell left behind by the president’s son. Hunter was obviously selling access!

Sen. Grassley drops major bombshell about Hunter Biden, 2020 election debacle. Video credit, Fox News

The New York Post reports: James Gilliar, a former British Special Forces officer with ties to UK intelligence services, discussed The Post’s exclusive report with an unnamed person on Oct. 14, 2020, according to the message provided by a whistleblower to GOP congressional investigators probing the laptop. In the message, Gilliar, 58, reassured the person that the revelations about Biden’s apparent involvement in his son’s foreign deals would not be damaging, regardless of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Gilliar was asked if Hunter and/or Joe or Joe’s campaign would try to make it ‘Oh, we were never involved and try to basically make us collateral damage? I don’t see how that would work for them. Gilliar responded in the 6.07 p.m. message reviewed by The Post. I think in the scenario that he wins they would just leave sleeping dogs lie,” Gilliar added. “If they lose, honestly, I don’t think that the Big Guy cares about that because he’ll be too busy focusing on all the other stuff he is doing.

Biden Crime Family China
Wow! we now know who “The Big Guy” is! Image credit, New York Post

The identity of the “big guy” has since formed part of the grand jury investigation in Wilmington, Del. into Hunter’s business dealings as calls ramped up to have President Biden, who has repeatedly denied any involvement in his son’s dealings, included in a conspiracy probe. Gilliar had referenced the “big guy” as he acted as the driving force behind Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden’s planned multimillion-dollar deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC. In an email to Hunter, Jim and other partners on May 13, 2017, Gilliar outlined an equity breakdown in which 10% of the lucrative CEFC joint venture would be held by Hunter “for the big guy”. That email, which was previously revealed by The Post, was found on the laptop Hunter abandoned at a Delaware repair shop. Another former associate of the first son, US Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski, publicly declared in October 2020 that “big guy” was a reference to President Biden – and alleged Biden was aware of, and involved in, the planned CEFC deal.

Looks like the Chicken is in the pot – it’s time to cook it. Vote RED to show ’em the door!

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