Race Flip Flopping Kamala Harris Can’t Decide Her Own Heritage

According to this report , Kamala Harris once identified herself as Indian-American. It’s typical for politicians to flip-flop to whatever side their targeting for votes. So Joe Biden’s VP candidate who was once an Indian is now identifying herself as BLACK. Obviously trying to gain back her comrades lost black votes . African-Americans who can’t decide whether to vote for me ain’t black. ?

kamala harris Indian American heritage
Fun Fact: Facebook is censoring this information from its platform.

Now it’s said Facebook is censoring posters who post / share Harris flip-flop misstep. It’s rumored Zucks left leaning fact checkers are funded by George Soros , which explains it all.

Candace Owens recently posted to Facebook the fact that Harris had identified as an “Indian-American” in previous campaigns for office. But now the Democrats are touting her as a black woman. But Facebook censored her posts claiming that the truth was “factually inaccurate.”

More absolute FACTS that Democrats are manipulating this presidential race. Democrats will LIE CHEAT and literally STEAL this election if they get their way.

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