Vultures Flying Over DNC Virtual Convention Signals Huge Election Fail

Democrats stated their virtual convention last night attacking president Trump coming out of the starting gate. They have no plan to help the people. All they care about is their hatred of Donald Trump. No talk about law and order, or stopping riots and looting of businesses destroying America!

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joins Laura Ingraham to respond to first night of Democratic National Convention. Comments: The scripts those shills are reading were written by high priced public relations firms who are experts at telling lies. Senator Ted Cruz is a true patriot a very decent honest man who loves America. Me and my wife will vote for Donald Trump for president again

The DNC virtual convention is nothing short of a huge fail. Bernie Sanders attacked president Trump, saying “our movement is still going,” along with Michelle Obama in her blistering speech. Failed NY Governor Andrew Cuomo attacked president Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but failed to mention Trump got him needed medical equipment and supplies.

So meanwhile as this virtual crap show was ongoing, rioters in Portland OR attacked a man and woman in a pickup truck. Drew Hernandez told Fox News the man was possibly defending a transgender woman being beaten and robbed by Black Lives Matter protesters when the mob turned their attention to him and his female companion. He got into the truck and drove away as he and the woman were being attacked, Hernandez said. “I think he just felt extremely threatened.” They chased him until he finally crashed. When they finally caught up to him, they went nuts. The man was beaten until he was unconscious, and transported to a hospital in critical condition.

Warning this graphic video is disturbing and not appropriate for children.

So there we go. It’s not President Trump who has divided America. Democrats are the great dividers of our country. The main message at their failed DNC virtual convention is, we Hate President Donald Trump. And in essence Democrats approve of all the violence in their own governed cities and states. They want to disrupt our lives and threaten our very existence.

We must all vote Republican full ballot in this high profile election. If Democrats slime and lie their way into power, the America we love and respect will be killed and buried in an unmarked paupers grave. I will never trust mail in ballots, and will vote in person to assure my vote is counted!

Joe Biden bragging about is corruption. It’s time America learns the truth about the Biden family and it’s ties to the Obama Admin!

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