IRS Training Video False Rated Like 2000 Mules GEO Tracking!

The usual suspects are defending Joe’s IRS Training video that’s been making the rounds. Their coming to the rescue of the Biden Admin over his hiring 87,000 IRS agents to crawl up the butts of every American small to medium sized business owner. YES it is an IRS training video of sorts that conveniently popped up recently. The 480p resolution video file was filmed in 2017 from a college recruitment session! 😎

IRS Training Video
Look at all there big boys including the Associated Press who went to bat for the Biden Admin. Image credit, Duckduckgo screenshot

The Associated Press reports: CLAIM: A video of IRS agents in police vests shows the agency training members of a new law enforcement force. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The video doesn’t show IRS agents being trained. The video was filmed in 2017 and shows special agents with IRS Criminal Investigation — the agency’s longstanding law enforcement division conducting a simulation with college students.

The single-day event is intended to offer educational opportunities to students. It is not an IRS training or recruitment program, an agency spokesperson said.

IRS Agency Spokesperson

THE FACTS: Social media users are misrepresenting an old video that shows an IRS college campus initiative to falsely claim that it captures efforts by the agency to train a large division of armed agents.The criticism follows the passage this month of the Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion economic package that includes nearly $80 billion for the IRS. The bill has prompted increased scrutiny of the agency, including online claims that misrepresent the scope of hiring efforts and the kinds of employees who will be hired.

State of Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis discusses the steps the Sunshine State is taking to protect small businesses from the new ‘supersized’ IRS on Cavuto: Coast to Coast. Video credit, FoxNews/YouTube

One recent video being shared online shows a group of people in vests that say “police” and “IRS-CID” bursting through a door with fake guns raised, questioning then ultimately apprehending, people posing as financial crime suspects. “Say Hello to the New IRS Police Force,” wrote one Twitter user who shared the clip. “Armed IRS agents in training,” read another caption. Dozens of additional posts that gained thousands of likes and shares this week claimed the video showed “leaked” training footage for new IRS expansion efforts. The video actually shows an educational event led by IRS Criminal Investigation special agents for accounting students at New Jersey’s Stockton University in October 2017, according to a university statement about the session, which included the video that’s being shared online.

Photos from more recent campus events have also been shared online with similar misleading claims. Yep there just like the rest of the media. Covering the democrats asses knowing they are done in November!

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