Over Five Million Fake Ballots Printed In China Sent To USA

Trending on Twitter is a tweet saying over five million fake ballots were printed in communist China and sent to the USA for the 2020 presidential election. After taking a screenshot of a Parler post alleged to be shared by Bill O’Riley I posted it to Twitter, and wow! My iPhone was sounding off all night and today with retweets and likes. In less than 24 hours this tweet has had 14,011 impressions, 1682 engagements, and 582 retweets. It’s the much attention anything I ever tweeted got.

Five Million Fake Ballots
Allegations of Chinese printed over five million 2020 election ballots. Image credit, Twitter screenshot.

Seeing how screenshots like this get shared and saved to devices and reshared as this one was I considered it could be fake, and several commenters said it was fake. But it kept gaining traction. So I searched duckduckgo for “ballots printed in china for 2020 election” and walla. There was a slew of web articles about five million fake ballots, but not a peep about this subject on lamestream media!

Further research on the query revealed most of the indexed material came from just after Joe Biden won stole the election. This video reveals what was then alleged. Many other articles from the above search queries are within this timeframe. Could this allegation be true? With slippery Joe anything is possible!

How Fake Ballots from China Were Uncovered by A 3rd Gen CCP Princeling. Video credit, LetsRealTalk/YouTube

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂 There are still too many questions that remain unanswered. What about China’s role in Covid-19? What about all those ZuckerBucks that funded Democrat drop-off ballot boxes that 2000 Mules proved paid mules were stuffing their ballots in? The whole election wreaks of fraud. And with Democrats running the show these questions will probably remain unanswered. Let us take over the House and Senate this November 8th. Then concentrate on the 2024 presidential election. I’m sure Donald Trump will run again. He has what’s needed to Make America Great once again!

Update 08/22/22: Someone in the Biden Admin. Bitch Slapped The Good Internet Doctor!

Account Locked for Violating our rules about civic integrity.
You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.
FidoSysop Five Million China Ballots
Civic Integrity Violation
China Printed Ballots Traffic

So I reckon that old saying is true: Nothing hurts worse than the truth! 🙁

I'm an old Florida Cracker born in St Pete during the early 50s. My computer is my tech school. I'm hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with it all. I'm also a Trump supporter who is saddened of what my country has became. Only MAGA can clean up the Biden stench that has made our homeland the laughingstock of the world 😡

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  1. Gerald

    Dank an Doc Ed für die Erlaubnis auch seine Texte von magaarchives.org hier (invalidenturm.eu) zu veröffentlichen. Er empfahl mir in diesem Zusammenhang seine in die Seite eingebaute Google Übersetzung. Nein Doc, die nehme ich nicht, MS-Edge übersetzt via integrierter Übersetzungsfunktion wesentlich besser.

    Kommentieren auf magaarchives.org gelingt mir nicht, es landet meist Buchstabensalat im Kommentarfeld…

    py und Paste auf auch cNy


  2. Uncle Adolph

    Damn gooks. They don’t know how to innovate. All they do is steal, copy, and counterfeit. They don’t care who it hurts, either, so long as they get paid. They breed like rats, torture, kill and eat anything that moves, and pollute the environment.

    1. Doc's Websites

      Good description!

    2. Michael Vaughan

      only free people innovate…slaves dont care

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