Mark Levin & Hannity Discuss Hunter Biden’s Indictment Pending

Mark Levin and Hannity discuss Hunter Biden’s indictment pending on last night’s show. We gotta love Mark Levin’s getting right to the point attitude, and this is really good. We all have heard about Hunter’s laptop from hell and his escapades making lucrative big money deals with China, Russia, and Ukraine. But this indictment pending is about unpaid taxes and fraudulent gun permit application. It’s got NO Teeth unlike the real evidence laid out in Tony Bobulinski’s recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

Hannity with Mark Levin 10/06/22 – Everyone Should Hear This Interview. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

New York Post reports: Federal agents investigating Hunter Biden believe they have for months had enough evidence to charge the first son with tax crimes as well as for lying about his drug abuse so he could buy a gun, a new report revealed Thursday. The final decision on whether to bring a case against the 52-year-old son of President Biden will be made by Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed to his current post by former President Donald Trump. The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the investigation , reported that agents had determined months ago that they had assembled a viable criminal case against Hunter Biden. The paper reported that the investigation, which started by focusing on Hunter’s overseas business dealings revealed in a series of reports by The Post in the fall of 2020, has shifted to whether he reported all his income from foreign transactions.

Hunter Biden himself announced in December of 2020 that his “tax affairs” were being investigated by federal authorities in Delaware, and said he was “confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately.” At some point after that announcement, the first son paid off a tax bill totaling around $2 million. Sources told The Post that Kevin Morris, a big-shot Hollywood lawyer, had loaned the money to defray the debt.

This is yet another sweetheart deal in the making. Feds are pulling the wool over American’s eyes that will end up whitewashing Hunter Biden’s indictment under the rug as the Democrat’s lamestream media partners will puff it up as big news while the real Biden crime family evidence is locked up in the FBI’s custody as Christopher Wray Sheilds President Joe Biden from harm. We know that Joe was flaunting his presidential power by inviting Hunter and his family on Air Force One to a family vacation last month.

Hunter Biden's indictment
Disgraced first son Hunter Biden joined his father on Air Force One for a taxpayer-funded flight to a family vacation. Image credit, NYP

This is what corruption and the one-sided application of our laws look like. It’s all about using the FBI/DOJ to target political opponents while the Real Crimes they should be investigating are sidelined as time goes on so ever slowly. America can turn the tide of corruption off by voting Republican in 31 days to regain control over the House and Senate. Republicans have laid out their plans to start investigations into the many issues we the people are concerned about. Vote RED Full Ballot to Save MAGA America!

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October 8, 2022 10:00 AM

Yeah, vote Red and the b iden criminal family will get their just desserts. In what world would this happen? Not the one we are living in now.

October 8, 2022 12:07 PM
Reply to  FidoSysop

Yes I agree with this wholeheartedly, but I don’t trust the republicans to do anything to rock the boat.

October 8, 2022 12:24 AM

Nothing will happen to Hunter Biden, nothing will happen to Joe Biden.
This is all a set up, as Mark Levin said, to prosecute Trump and to destroy any opposition to the Democratic Party.
Listen closely to Mark Levin, because he has an excellent take on this story, and the coming election.